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15 Jul 2010  

Windows XP-Pro-SP3, Windows 7

For the home computer user who started out with their first computer ten to fifteen years ago (Windows 95 or 98) the UAC is a waking nightmare.

I remember the very first Vista PC that I was called out to install. I'd never seen UAC yet at that time. The new PC owner was watching me (trying) to set up their new computer. Every time I'd try to do anything, UAC would pop up on the screen.
The old gentleman finally said to me "am I going to have to put up with that CRAP all the time?"

That's the attitude I see for all new Vista or Win-7 users. They bought the #%$@ computer....they are the owners and only users and yet they don't have permission to access files and folders, delete files, etc. It's an understatement to say that they are VERY angry about that. I know I am too.

I know I'll get flamed for this, but when I set up any new PC for one of my home computer customers (I don't do commercial systems) I first shut off UAC with a little script I carry on my Utilities disk. Then I run the "Take Ownership" script and take ownership of all pertinent folders.
Then I shut down a gaggle of services, with another script.
And then tweak and tune Windows for more efficient use of RAM and HD.

The biggest problem I have is setting up eMail for people used to running Outlook Express. (but that's another whole topic)

When Windows 7 is first being installed on a PC, there should be a box that could be checked for "Home Use ONLY". That could give the owner/user full permission to do what they want with 'Their' computer.

A home PC user doesn't want to be told that they have to contact their IT specialist in order to do something. That's BS!

Cheers mates!
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