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03 May 2009  

windows 8.1 Pro x64

ok guys first thanks for the guide.

I have to say I find the decision to remove quick launch quite baffling, it seems microsoft have gone out of their way to specifically remove the feature.

I strongly disagree pinning makes it obselete for the following reasons, mainly that pinning is far more restrictive.

1 - Pinned unlaunched icons are too big and take too much room up.
2 - Pinned launch icons dont even have an icon to click anymore you have to click on a launched window tab.
3 - Unlaunched icons end up out of place when multiple apps are open, eg. I have the WMP icon in between some open explorer and internet explorer icons, it just looks very messy.
4 - Cannot drag and drop the way as before to add easy ways to launch/

In short quick launch is tidy, quick and conveniant whilst this new system is a mess. I dont mind new features but taking old ones away which millions will be used to is just silly. Pinning is a downgrade from quick launch.

I personally have 16 quick launch icons on the left of my taskbar on my XP box, in a custom order I chosen with the most used ones at the top. It allows me to open any of these apps without using the start menu or desktop and they are in a place I am accustomed to. The pinning cannot replicate this so as such doesnt obselete quick launch.
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