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17 Jul 2010  

Windows 7 Premium 32Bit\64Bit

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Looks useful. I do have a question, will RCE pickup on the context menu additions that one has already manually added? In other words if I have one on RCE's list and it's enabled will RCE show that it's enabled/checked? I assume it reads the registry prior to loading the GUI and therefore it would know but I don't know.

One more question unrelated, would you know or have a way of finding out what the click event/command is for the little calendar that pops up when one clicks the date/time in the system tray? I would like to add this to a particular context menu but for the life of me can not find any info on it. Even with a classical HIPS installed and monitoring pretty much everything nets me nothing.
The trouble with picking up other applications right-click menu addon options is every application uses it's own naming convention. I have tried to name them all as best I could to match other applications but I hate to say I can't figure them all out. And yes, it reads from registry as soon as it runs, The one option I did add is upon first run it will backup your registry settings, so afterwards if you see a menu conflict with dual entries, you can remove it and always go back to your original settings by restoring the backup if you choose not to use RCE anymore.

I'll look into the calendar and let you know. Haven't thought of that one, but would be a good option to add to next version

If I can't find a way maybe if I get a chance I could write an application that mimics the calendar dialog
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