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04 May 2009  

windows 8.1 Pro x64

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Couldn't agree more Chrysalis!!!!

I do think it's clumsy for a PC like mine where I run lots of different apps (I have 22 on my quick launch bar!) as the task bar just gets too cluttered - but oddly enough I like it on my HTPC as I only ever run about 4 or 5 apps and am happy to have them on the task bar permanently. I just hope MS gives us the option to have it the old way as I still think the quick launch bar is so much more productive.
It would seem to those who only run a few apps like this new pinning system whilst those of us who heavily multitask and need quick access to 10 or more apps need quick launch or an equivelent. Although even on this laptop which I only want quick access to explorer, IE, command prompt and device manager I still find it slows me down. Quick launch on the right is probably something I can eventually get used to over time but will upset employers who's staff will lose productivity because MS have messed with the gui yet again. If this workaround didnt exist I would very likely have already ditched windows 7, this is how big an issue it is.
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