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18 Jul 2010  

Windows 7 Premium 32Bit\64Bit

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Just downloaded and had a look. Nice attempt, couple of questions.

1) Can services be tweaked individually e.g. set some to safe, come to tweaked?

2) What about dependencies? Does your tool check those?

3) Blackviper categorizes services as default, safe and tweaked. Your tool has an "Advanced settings" button also. Whats that for?

4) We know Blackviper also has a custom registry tool. can you provide some comparison with that?
1: Yes the services can be tweaked individually. Right-Click a Service brings up the options to change to Automatic Manual or Disabled. Double-Click a service to Start or Stop it.

2: No, it does not check for Dependencies. I know bad, bad, bad

3:BlackVipers has his categorized as Default, Safe, Tweaked and Barebones. I used Advanced just because I felt it appealed better instead of scaring people with the word bare-bones. The Advanced setting, is the very minimum allowable to still be able to perform. I have actually run my laptop in Advanced and never had any problems, but I don't recommend it for normal day to day users.

4: Blackvipers tool is nice. The only advantage of using his tool is is being able to create a customized list whereas I did not add the option to save a list. The only downside, if you see it as a downside, is it uses the registry to tweak the Services, whereas SMART does not modify the registry but instead uses WMI to handle the Services.

There are many options I did not add originally that I should have I honestly at the time had no idea how well it was going to be received. The version final will include them once I get time to finish it.

Final includes.
A: Checks Dependencies and lists the Dependencies along side each Service.
B: Custom Create Option to save User Generated list, enabling users to transfer lists to different machines running SMART.
C: Detailed view for each Service. Will display more detailed information such as what each Service is used for and recommendations on why to disable/enable them.

And I will take any recommendations by anyone if they have any.
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