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19 Jul 2010  

Windows 7 Professional 64

Well I noticed that my ram wasnt running at the 1600mhz DDR 3 speed (closer to 1066) so I changed that in the bios & I am rerunning the tests.

What I cant figure out for sure is if I get an error message saying the error was at meg 5980

Does that mean the error came from stick 3 (the being meg roughly 4000-6000)?

For some other reason, my system wont boot at all if there is no ram in slots 1,2,3 & it makes it hard to just test slots 4,5,6 with no ram in 1,2,3. I was hoping to test the slots to see if that was the issue.

The results at the slower speed were I thought I found my bad stick & when I tried it again, it gave no errors for the first few passes. I will have to run in over night.

If I have 6 sticks of ram, is it recommended to test each stick over night during a 6 day period?

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