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21 Jul 2010  

Windows 7 Home Premium Upgrade 64 bit

okidoke. im back from vacation with new light on the subject. updating the game did help, i can now play the game. a screen flicker problem has started now along with other things.

1.) Cannot play without running as admin.
2.) Cannot play if I try to run it in dx9 in an attempt to get rid of screen flicker
3.) Most importantly, screen flickering. on objects such as trees, rocks, animals. Also on shadowed objects.

things I have done to combat these three problems:

1.) uninstalled and reinstalled: no change
2.) played at all different setting ranges: problem gets worse as I go lower in settings.
3.) tried 5 different drivers: best one so far is the one I have on right now.
4.) set my video card to stock settings: it comes OC so I put it back down to regular settings with evga precision
5.) did a raindance while eating a sandwich: consequently it rained, I satisfied my hunger, no change with crysis.

I'm at a loss for any other options. thanks for being so patient with my questions and I hope you guys might be able to help me out with this.

here are some pictures of what it looks like:

i have more if you want to see them.
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