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31 Jul 2010  

Win 10 Home Premium 64 Bit

glad you sorted it

Ive seen this very problem on here in the last few weeks , we offered differant solutions and he found out his boot priority had changed to usb first , im sure he had problems waking from sleep mode , he changed priority back and all was well.

It seems that windows for some reason is screwing with the biso settings whenj sleep/hibernate is used.

another odd thing usually if you change boot priority the bios will search the chosen media in order till it finds bootable media then boot from it , but it seems if you set USB as first boot device in some cases it wont boot at all , instead of looking for bootable media on a usb device then moving on to the next selection it hangs and throws up various erros , im wondering if its trying to boot from a mouse or keyboard (recognising what it may think is bootable media in the firmware , this sounds far out i know )

anyhoo its always better to solve an issue yourself
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