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02 Aug 2010  
Propwash Pete

Windows 7 64 bit
Cold Start Problems

I'm going to post this in the General Discussion forum because I don't know where else to start. If it needs to be moved, somebody please tell me.

Several times a week, upon morning start up, my computer fails to recognize me. Boot up takes a long time then I get a message "Preparing your Desktop". Finally the boot is completed and I get this message:

"C:\Windows\System 32\Config\System Profile\Desktop refers to a location that is un accessable. Perhaps it is somewhere else on your disk." Otherwise, the screen is black, but the Start button is active.

Well I looked at the above address and there is no file called "Desktop". I can log off several times, reboot a couple of times then everything is OK for the rest of the day.

I'm running Widows 7 in a 64 bit Dell Inspiron N17R laptop using IE8.

Any ideas?


Propwash Pete
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