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06 May 2009  

Windows 7 Ultimate Edition x64
Dead Slow Right Click on Desktop

When right clicking on the desktop. You can Create a new Folder, Enter the Nvidia Control Panel (and I do often), go to personalize, and something else I do often. "Refresh" I right click and do refresh all the time. I'm not sure it helps anything. It's a bad habit I started in XP.

Basically When I first loaded 7.. it seemed fine. I installed a bunch of drivers, so I'm not sure what one did it. But now when I right click while I'm on the desktop. It takes a solid 3 or so seconds to pop-up.. that is WAY to slow. Vista it was instant.. and Win7 was at first also.

Everything else seems speedy. Starting from Shutdown.. opening programs. Everything is pretty speedy. But the right click feature I use often. It's really slow.

does anyone have any idea's or suggestions?

Also, when I right click on Taskbar, or any of the desktop icons, it's super Fast. only the right click on the actual desktop.

Any help would be great. I think I might go back to WHQL Nvidia driver instead of the BETA for 7. that is what I think I'll try first.
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