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05 Aug 2010  
Abhishek Ghosh

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This is one I"ve never understood. Why would someone want 5 or 6 different accounts? I'm not knocking it but am curious. I could understand a couple for forwarding as a backup but more than that,hmm
Very good question.

Take my case, I use 6 accounts:

1. Personal, very confidential premium e-mail account: I give top priority to this address, because, I receive "emergency, must to have contact now" e-mails in this account. Distribution to people is limited, its almost like my mobile number. My mobile phone's inbox is married with it.

2. This one "looks alike" the first one, but its free; needs to be answered within a day or few hours.

3. For registering with forums, social networkings etc.(No need to synchronize unless a new registration done).

4. Nearly for getting junks: many website asks for e-mail address; I use this one (no need to synchronize unless I need to confirm the e-mail validation).

5. For my Website (number 1) as a web-master (need not to answered within a day, if I dont have time)

6. For my another website (number 2) as a web-master (need not to answered within a day, if I dont have time).

This keeps the flow of work easy.
I can define how frequently they will be synchronized. If I have been used only one e-mail address, I had to delete over 150 junks daily, that would take 10-15 min (to judge and delete).

Obviously, more busy person like an industrialist may use more e-mail accounts.
An average user does not need more than 2 accounts (one personal and other for getting junks after registering here and there).
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