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05 Aug 2010  

Windows 7 Professional SP1

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Hi VP.

This particular registry entry is for a particular purpose - to shut-down a wake up instruction that has not been acted upon in a set time period - basically an accidental wakeup preventer.

If you wish to do what you wish you can have a look at the built in "shutdown" command

Add a batch or other script to your backup routine to control what you wish to do after completion.
I disagree. According to these very forums (and the tutorials) this particular entry is supposed to put my just woken machine back to sleep - 120 seconds after an "idle" condition has occurred like after a WHS backup has completed - just like it did in Vista.

However - Microsoft support confirms this does not work at all. I haven't been able to find a single user that could:

1. Wake a sleeping machine either by tapping the keyboard/shaking the mouse
2. Or by unattended wakeup (like a backup, Windows Update whatever)
3. And have the machine return to sleep after 120 seconds of idle timee

No matter what method of wake-up is done - the machine does not honor or recognize this value - what it does recognize is the "Sleep After" value for the power plan that's in play. If it's "Balanced" (for anyone who has not changed the Power plan) - the machine will sleep after 30 minutes. Over here - the machine will "never" sleep since my machines are set to the High Perf power plan - and the sleep value is Never.

As far as a "wake-up preventer" mechanism...not a chance. Accidental, act of god or otherwise - all my Windows 7 workstations will stay awake "forever" if it's waken from slumber - whether something is going on - or not.

In Vista however - this worked like a dream - even with the High Performance Plan in full swing. A wakeup occurs...a task is done...or a task is not done (accidental) and exactly 120 seconds later...night night sweet machine.

Microsoft Support could not even determine what this value was doing in Windows 7 - after a week of investigating it...they claim what I am seeing - is by design.

If anyone can actually prove they have a Windows 7 machine that was put to sleep (pressing Sleep on the keyboard or by Start menu), bumped awake (or woke up via scheduled task) and then actually watched the machine go back to sleep after 120 seconds of idle time - I am all ears. But I haven't found one yet - cause they do not exist.

Since this power saving mechanism is now rendered useless...I just do my backups while the machines are up and then shut them down. Don't even bother with sleep mode anymore....


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