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06 Aug 2010  

Windows 7 Ultimate x64, Mint 9

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I hope it hasn't been mentioned before but 64bit software support can be a bit slack also. Take for example Adobe - a company you think would have been STRAIGHT onto the 64bit bandwagon!

While we have had 64bit Photoshop (and 64bit Photoshop extentions, which I think showed up for PS CS2? Or was it later) for YEARS, we still do not have a 64bit Flash browser plug-in. As pathetic as it sounds, because of Adobe, I need a 32bit browser installer, so I can order pizza over the net or use a few shopping sites that use flash! We've been told for YEARS that a 64bit browser plug-in is being developed and still nothing besides a x64 Prelease last month!

While on the topic of FireFox, hey look, NO 64Bit version (except for an independant? x64 port that is always a few months behind the 'official' releases) and none planned until at least FF4.0!

Then we look at the REST of the Adobe Creative Suite (of which I am a regular user); as of CS5 (which many larger organisations haven't rolled out yet; I'm still on CS4 even though i have a CS5 box sitting on my shelves) only Photoshop Extended, Lightroom, After Effects and Premiere Pro (including Media Encoder) are 64bit apps - essentially only the video production tools. Everything else, like Illustrator, Dreamweaver, Fireworks, Acrobat Pro, etc are still 32bit apps - while these are the apps that typically don't need as much GRUNT as the aforementioned, I am disappointed that Adobe continues to roll out 32bit software.

Still, the big issue is Flash!
Zaggy, Adobe will NEVER make x64 flash, and I think we need to give up on it (I hate flash as is).

Secondly, remember that only recently are x64 OSes gaining in popularity. So no need to make everything x64, as most stuff is x32 and its compatible regardless.
Also, FF doesn't use enough memory to NEED a x64 version (yet).

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