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07 Aug 2010  

Windows 7-RC

This worked for me. Hope it helps.
1. Open the Network and Sharing Center by clicking Start, type Network and Sharing Center and press Enter
2. Below where it says View your active networks, click on the picture (Globe, Building, Bench, House...ect)
3. Move the Set Network Properties window out of the way, but leave it open. (You'll need it in a minute, but at a time when it's otherwise inaccessible.)
4. Back on the Network and Sharing Center page, click the Change adapter settings link (in the left pane).
5. In the Network Connections window, highlight the network adapter through which you get your Internet.
6. Click the Disable this network device button above. Wait a couple of seconds for the connection to reflect the change by turning grey.
7. Return to the Set Network Location window you opened in step #2, and click the Merge or delete network locations link at the bottom.
8. Highlight the entries you wish to remove and then click Delete. (If there's more than one, you can delete them all)
9. When you're done, close the Merge or Delete Network Locations window and then close the Set Network Properties window.
10. Return to the Network Connections window, and with the disabled network adapter still highlighted from step #5, click the Enable this network device button
11. After a 10-15 second delay, your Internet should now be working again.
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