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08 Aug 2010  

Win 10 Home Premium 64 Bit

i wouldnt trust either of them i use Real Temp

if that everest is to be beleived then 1.44 vilts is far too high use 1.4 as your absolute max and never trust your idle temps only load temps

ALWAYS set voltage manually , never leave it at auto mate , start at stock and work your way up till its stable , or do what i and most overclockers do and start at the max safe voltage (you can find this out on the interweb) and work your way down till it gets unstable then up it 1 notch

always test with prime 95 set on blend (tests ram and cpu) and keep a very close eye on your full load temps ignore your idle temps , i find a few hours of prime is enough to see if its stable , when you reach your desired clock then you can prime it overnight

keep an eye on your ram too remember its getting overclocked too so use dividers to keep it at a sensible speed

The best way to oc is first underclock your ram ALOT then oc your fsb till you find the max oc of your cpu (if your ram is underclocked it wont interferre) then do the same with your ram , underclock your cpu and overclock your ram. then underclock both cpu and ram and up your fsb to find the highest your mobo will go

with all this info you will know the max cpu oc max fsb oc and max ram oc your rig can manitain , then you can find a nice balance without going too mad then you can push it a little more and fiddle with voltages

remember the higher your voltage the higher your temps so always prime on every oc

if ypou take your tijme and oc properly you will get a better more stable rig and the faster your cpu the more fps the 260 is a fantastic chip for ther money , i know have two of em
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