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08 May 2009  

Windows 7

According to you setup log, you have the RC build which has the fix for the ActivCard issue for the in-box class driver. The fix was basically telling the driver to ignore the device type reported by the hardware and treat it as a CCID reader. Having said that, your ActivCard's device ID is VID_04E6&PID_E000 and it does not match the ID the fix was made for (VID_04E6&PID_E001), so the in-box class driver won't get installed. Since its Compatible ID is class_ff&subclass_01, the in-box class driver won't install for this device regardless because class_ff is Vendor specific class. Class_0B is the Smartcard class. The in-box class driver will only install on Class_0B devices. However, I noticed something interesting in your setup log. It looks like the first driver installed was stcusb.sys. This driver is really for the device "SCM Microsystem SCR300" (VID_04E6&PID_1001) and should not be installed for your device. Did you force install this driver by manually selecting it? The installation of this incorrect driver happened three times. It looks like you then selected another driver "Microsoft USB CCID Driver (ActivCard SCR33x/V2)". This is the driver with the fix I mentioned above. Since the device ID did not really match. I am wondering if this driver really works for you. Would you tell me if it works? If not, what's the result? Did the device come up with code 10 in device manager? Then, it seems you downloaded another driver (scr3xx.sys) from somewhere and installed it. Then, you cycled through the above drivers a few more times. Then the device was uninstalled and PNP re-detected it, found no driver and attempted to go to Windows Update but had no network connection. So the install failed. Then you tried the above drivers a few more time and finally settled on the "Microsoft USB CCID Driver (ActivCard SCR33x/V2)". Did I get a pretty good picture on what had happened? What was the result of each driver installed? I will attempt to locate the same reader you have and see if the in-box driver will work on it.
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