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08 May 2009  

Windows 7
Buzzing/hesitation playing media files

I've got the following setup:

AMD Phenom II X4 810
A-DATA DDR3 1600 RAM (3 x 2GB running at 1333)
ATI Radeon HD4350

I'm running Windows 7 RC1 64-bit

I'm having issues playing any sort of media file. Doesn't matter if it is a low bit-rate MP3 or a huge MKV HD file. The files play, but occasionally, it's like the computer hesitates/hangs very slightly and there is a noticeable audible 'buzz'. So for instance, a song or movie will be playing and all of a sudden, there will be a quick 'buzz' noise. The buzzes don't last but a fraction of a second, but they're very annoying. It almost seems like this happens when the machine is having 'multi-task', but I don't know why that would happen b/c I consider this a pretty fast machine capable of playing an MP3 while surfing the web.

Any thoughts?
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