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18 Aug 2010  

Windows 7

Hmm.. Windows Media Player does the job okay, but it hides a lot of the options. It's shiny, though! XD

I just ran into another little problem. Windows Media Player doesn't seem to play some of my music. It plays the mp3s just fine, but my oggs I ripped from my CD collection say it needs a 'codec'. I guess that's some kind of jargon you guys might understand? I'm a Windows newbie, so I don't understand a lot of this techy stuff, I don't mean to get you guys to explain this all to me. I'm sure a friend can help.

uTorrent is really nice. Oh, Soldat is a Windows XP game. I really hope I can get it working, I found a good tutorial on it online. Looks like I just have to put a tiny bit of extra work in to get my stuff working, but now it feels like things are really coming together.

If I get the right apps, I'm sure I can deal without a package manager for a while, even though I like testing new programs. Is a good place to find programs, or would another place have more/be safer? I'm kinda' paranoid of just installing packages without any kind of verification system.

Sorry for all the long posts, I just really need to get grounded.
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