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18 Aug 2010  

[solved] WLAN + LAN + I-NET at the same Time and Filetransfer via LAN


I have at the moment 2 desktop-pc, 1 laptop and 1 wireless printer running in a homegroup network via wlan. IPV4 is set to auto on the pc's and the ip's are reserved via mac-adresses in the wlan-router (inbuild switch / modem / voip). Everything is working fine.

I can't connect the computers via LAN to the router, because the router is sitting in the kitchen and the computers are in different rooms over two floors.

To get better speed for moving files over the network, without disconnecting the i-net via wlan, I bought a switch. Now I tried to connect parallel to the running wlan-homegroup-network-inet-connection, for the beginning two of this computers via network-cards over a switch, but I was not lucky.

My research brought me not really clear answers. Some people say that's not possible to run wlan + lan at the same time, other people, like a guy out of my pc store, are saying that it's possible. It should be possible to run the homegroup via IPV4 over wlan + router / inet and the second network via IPV6 over lan + switch.

First problem is, that I have no knowledge about the config via IPV6 and I have the additional problem, that the lan get's always setup as a public network and not as another homenetwork.

Is here someone who could tell me step by step how to setup the second network via IPV6 + switch and how to send the files I want to move only over the lan-connection / lan-network, but the wlan + inet has to be still aktive and I don't want / can't install a server. The lan-network doesn't need inet-access.


... ok, I am a little bit further up ...

... LAN + WLAN are both aktiv and I-Net over WLAN is working too ... LAN: 192.168.0.x / // WLAN: 192.168.1.x / ... Homegroup is aktiv and working ... all the shared folders / files are still aktiv if I run LAN only ... LAN get's still recognized as a "unindentified Network", even if I run LAN only ... LAN get's set to "public network" and if I change it to "home network" (LAN only), it get's automatically changed back to "public network" after a computer restart ... if LAN + WLAN is aktiv and I try to move files between the computers, it will be allways used the WLAN only ...

... is there a way to tell windows-7-ultimate-x86/x64 to use LAN only to move files between the computers ? ...

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