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18 Aug 2010  

Windows 7

sorry i was at work so i did a quick reply.

i've confirmed that the device driver is updated. The customer rep. was pushing the burden to the wireless adaptor and told me to return and exchange for a new one. but i really doubt thats the problem. I have another wireless adaptor and the problem exist.

now i've tried to troubleshoot myself, i have 2 laptops on wireless in the same room and they have no problem getting on my network. And the fact that i was able to go online for like 5 minutes, i feel that the adaptor is working. Also, the USB on motherboard is working because i've plugged in my external hard drive to the motherboard and it catches the hard drive. The ethernet adaptor is working so my very very last resort will be linking a ethernet cable across my house for the network haha. I really think its the configuration with window 7 because they customer rep. advised my to uninstall my Norton and that made it work for like 5 minutes.

Anyone got any take on this? i really dont want to route an ethernet across my house.


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