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18 Aug 2010  

Windows 7
Need major help installing Windows ONTO a Usb drive..

Hey guys I need some major help installing either windows XP or windows 7 on my USB stick so I can boot my computer from the USB and use it like a normal installation.

I've read countless articles about how to do this but they are all extremely old and probably very outdated.. (2006) Back then we only had 256MB drives and such..

Other articles I read tell you how to install Windows on a USB but not how to allow your computer to boot from the USB like it would be a HDD.
I know how to set up my BIOS and I don't need an explanation in that respect I just need a step by step guide or at least a good guide on how to install either XP or 7 onto a USB, not from I've done that 1,000,000 times.

Thanks heaps for any help. I really need to do this ASAP.
Thanks for understanding.

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