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18 Aug 2010  

Windows 7

Ubuntu is actually the reason I want to do this. Linux has wiped both my partitions (First one I commonly wipe and do a new install, second has all of my important stuff on it) so I need to boot my computer off a USB stick without modifying my poor destoryed HDD on my laptop so I can run Recuva or something to try and get everything I can off the HDD. If I install an OS on my HDD I risk making files that are on it even further unrecoverable... so unless you guys know another way, booting from a USB is my only hope. This would not alter my HDD and allow me to run a windows environment as well as install a tiny little program on it to recover my files and post them to an External 1TB drive...

I've also tried multiple methods in trying to recover my files using Ubuntu 10 but unforunately Ubuntu is pretty much not an OS that supports recovering your files if you mess up...
^^^ That is my post on the ubuntu forums.
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