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22 Aug 2010  

Windows 7 Professional 32-bit Service Pack 1

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Hi smurof7neves,

What brand model television do you have?
If you're using VGA, you can try to force the resolution. Try lower the refresh rate, adjusted the flush methods, and interlaced modes.

Many LCD panels often advertise 1366x768 resolution, but won't run it over VGA. This is a limitation of the panel.
If you have DVI or HDMI, consider switching to those.
1280x720 (720P) is what your screen is designed to run (as it is marketed as a multimedia screen). You may be stuck with that resolution. If you can find an option to enable 1:1 pixel mapping, you should be okay to go.
Though, from what you have said, it is possible 1:1 pixel mapping is already enabled and it's just putting in the black borders to compensate for it's native resolution of 768P.

Let me know how you go.
I have used VGA and that works fine, but I wanted to use HDMI. HDMI is where I'm having the issue. Is there any way to run 1366x768 over HDMI?
What brand/model LCD television do you have?
HDMI is a different story. It relies on the EDID, and most often the EDID will report the native resolution and the driver software will try it's best to match or at least keep in ratio of the native resolution.
What does it say your native resolution is in the NVIDIA control panel?
I think it's 1280x720
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