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22 Aug 2010  

Windows 8 Pro x64

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I have used VGA and that works fine, but I wanted to use HDMI. HDMI is where I'm having the issue. Is there any way to run 1366x768 over HDMI?
What brand/model LCD television do you have?
HDMI is a different story. It relies on the EDID, and most often the EDID will report the native resolution and the driver software will try it's best to match or at least keep in ratio of the native resolution.
What does it say your native resolution is in the NVIDIA control panel?
I think it's 1280x720
Then I'm afraid the only option is to use VGA for 1366x768. You shouldn't really notice a difference in quality at that resolution unless your panel has a bad controller or is lacking in quality for that input. If so, try adjusting phase and clock.
As far as your computer is concerned, your monitor can't support 1366x768, and it probably can't (over that input).
A 22"-32" 720P (or technically 768P) monitor will only (usually) ever report 720P over multimedia-based interfaces (i.e, HDMI). Even if it supports 1080P. This isn't a software issue, it is fault of the EDID (thus, the manufacturer of the screen), and often the only way to get around this is to buy a new monitor. That's why I was asking what make and model screen you have.

I have even seen a 50" 1080P Sony Bravia report it's native resolution as 1366x768, and not be able to accept 1920x1080 over the HDMI interface with a PC. This is just the way multimedia standards are designed. Several different types of signals go down a HDMI cable, and PCs just don't act as a multimedia device or gaming console.

If you had DVI, you would be able to try that, as it is designed to handle digital PC signals. Though it is very unlikely for a HDTV to have both DVI and HDMI.

Summary: Your screen may in fact have a native resolution of 1366x768, but it won't accept that resolution over HDMI(RGB), and probably not even YPbPr.

However... let's not conclude that just yet. What cable are you using to do this? A standard male-male HDMI cable? Or a DVI-HDMI adaptor?
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