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23 Aug 2010  

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Oli: Am quite new to email migration issues & saw your response to this Backup Hotmail issue. I have been away in Africa for 4 months & was ONLY using hotmail for my email. I just got Office 2010 & would like to move my mail from Hotmail to Outlook. Would like to back up my email first before doing anything to it (how?)....then would like to move it to Outlook (how?).

I tried to download Outlook says it is installed (on my Control Panel), but I can't find it anywhere on my computer?? ....& not sure how to use?

There is little reason to backup your hotmail email on the server (Microsoft's servers are full of redundancy and pretty reliable).

Just so you are aware, hotmail can be accessed using webmail ( and through an email client (in this case Outlook).

When setting up a Hotmail account in Outlook you are NOT bypassing the server on which Microsoft stores your email.

You are simply taking copies of your email off the server and reading them in a nicer interface. (It's a little bit more complicated than that but it's not important about going into detail here)

To setup Hotmail in Outlook follow the guide at How to Configure Hotmail POP3 Access in Outlook (if it's first time setup skip the first step).

In essence what you are doing by accessing your email in an email client is adding an extra layer of redundancy (or in layman's terms, backup) to email.

In a hypothetical situation where Microsofts's email servers crashed and lost all your email and you only accessed it by webmail, you would have lost ALL your email.

However if you were to access via an email client, the messages you had downloaded before the server crashed would still be intact on your PC.

Outlook connector is not necessary.

In short: you do not need to backup your hotmail email before you start (Microsoft's got it covered).

Having your email in Outlook is liking regularly backing up your email

You can setup your email in Outlook using How to Configure Hotmail POP3 Access in Outlook

I hope you find this useful and that it isn't too confusing for you to read. If you need any more explanation, clarification or help just ask.


PS This is not difficult as far as email goes
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