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30 Aug 2010  

Windows 7 Pro x64
BSOD help

This pc is running Win 7 x64 Pro, this is the only install I have done, and it was with OEM disk.

This pc has been rock solid for close to a year since I built it, a few days ago I came into the office to a loud squeel, and It seemed as though the gpu had lost power and the machine was unresponsive. (may be irrelevant to this bsod)

Came in today pc had restarted itself and showed a BSOD message. I'm thinking it might have overheated some time yesterday and shut itself down. I run folding @ home apps which stress the pc full load and I think the heater may have been on yesterday and overheated it. My best guess anyways.

Just about 1 year old for this pc


Phenom 2 945 stock clocked, stock hsf
2 x 2gb corsair + 1 x 1 corsair
8800 ultra card
corsair hx520 psu

report attached
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