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31 Aug 2010  

Windows 7 Ultimate x64
Hidden/Shown Quandries.

If there's any progs in here you're not allowed to show for sponser's sake, please delete. I'd rather help than battle over program names.

Mcafee Stinger
trendmicro (online and trial)
bitdefender (online)
mcafee (trial)
spybot search and destroy
Windows LSP Repair (Run from Windows Website)

(It's funny, they would all find certain trojans, maleware etc that the other would not. It seems you have to own everything to get rid of it all.

(For certain files)

(-along with about 15 of your misc .exe/.reg file tools found within this site dealing with hidden folders and missing options etc. (Even though this site seem for XP users and not Windows 7.)
I have no restore points although it was a feature I used twice, once when I bought the computer and once when all the programs I use regularily were installed. (They are no longer accessible to me.))

No virus's but 7 or 8 generic were found and removed. None named zbot.
Tons of Malware.
Hijack this still points to various unfound files, but why won't they disapear when fixed?? Last question you may ask. All file noted above were run in both admin/my account in safemode with networking and plain safemode.

Ok, main question(s).
1. I have no control over Hidden/Shown files through, nor within the drop down-->Start list in Control Panel under "Folder and Options" tab that used to exist in my Control Panel Drop Down Menu or Main Window. CUrrently everything is hidden and can only be seen in either accounts (Admin/Mine) in Safe Mode.
My organize Button in my Windows 7 windows has the 'Folder and Search Options' greyed out. I followed the directions on the pages on this site to no avail.

At one point I had no access to my regedit however after looking for tips and tricks I was able to overcome this and can access regedit once more. secpol gpedit in run line give me the same "File cannot be found..."
Is there any information I can give you to help me?

I am still running Spybot, Counterspy, Trend Micro-Online, Mcafee Stinger, and Counterspy, but aside from cookies, nothing is found. I contemplated reinstalling ExterminateIT to see if it still finds that file in /window/system23/? I have been at this for 2 days, and what led me to where I am now is something called zbot, a trojan found from exterminateit, from what I understand collects and sits and wait to send passwords on a livestream. I thought I might throw that out there in case it helps. However I cannot find any information on it that matters to me in unintalling it when I cannot see hidden files, do not have dual computers so as to have me write down the pages of information it seems to carry with it and is the only program that found an exe within my windows\system32\ subfolder. Also, ALL issues are run from a central point if found... C:\users\me\appdata\local\temp but cannot find the main file(s) that start this problem. Ah, more issues you may find interesting?

At every boot a window pops up saying elzgp.dll cannot be found.
Adobe and DivX windows used to pop-up every 2-3 minutes asking me to update. If I pressed yes they would leave me alone for a few hours and begin again.

I'm running Windows 7 Home Premium
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