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31 Aug 2010  

Windows 7 Home Premium 32bit.
I found a solution

Use this link Classic Shell: Features and download & install Classicshell. Not only will it fix the jumping folder nightmare but it also allows so much more.
1) Install the free Classic Shell. This is free, quite customisable and works as a mod for Windows Explorer, rather than a full blown replacement. Personally, I didn't install the Classic Start Menu option, but you can if you want.
2) Reboot the computer.
3) Launch Windows Explorer and turn on "Always Show Menus" (this is just for configuration, you can turn it off again afterwards if you want).
4) Right click on the menu bar and turn on the "Classic Explorer Bar". This adds a series of cut/copy/paste icons to Explorer. Crucially, it also adds the "Configuration" icon.
5) Go into the configuration and from here you can tweak things to your heart's content. To kill the horrible Windows 7 folder-jumping, switch the "Navigation Pane Style" to Vista. You can even go more retro and knock it back to XP mode if you want (this adds in the lines to the folder tree and adds a classic "+" icon for expanding folders).
6) Tweak the other settings as well. I have it so that the "More details" bit in copy dialogs is automatically expanded, I've checked the "Show free space and file size in status bar" option (no more having to right click on the drive to see how much space is left), personally I decided to stick with the Windows 7 style "file overwrite" dialog (the default is for the simpler Vista/XP style dialog), and I went for the Windows Vista style folder view which looks pretty much the same as the Windows 7 view, but gets rid of the horrible jumping.
After this, you can turn the toolbar and menus back off in Explorer if you wish. All I know, is that Windows Explorer looks largely the same for me, but folder no longer jump around at all and I finally have my "free disk space" entry back in the status bar.
Now, if only MS could code properly so that I didn't have to mess on with third party apps to get Windows to actually work properly......

Good Luck..
It made me feel like I took a Valium when I saw it working...
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