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31 Aug 2010  

Windows 10 Pro x64

If it happens when the CPU goes to sleep (and only when it goes to sleep), you probably have a failing CPU. Make sure your paging file is located on the same drive that Windows is installed to (usually C:\), that it's at least 512MB in size for the MIN and MAX values, and that at least the minidump type is selected (kernel might be more useful for most dumps, but minidumps are fine for 124s). As Rich said, these are very hard to diagnose - however, they do indicate that Windows was told *by the hardware* that there was an unrecoverable failure, and that's why Windows crashes (it's done on purpose to save your data from corruption). You need to start looking at all of the hardware on the machine (RAM, disk, CPU, etc), although resuming from sleep and getting a 124 error usually means a bad CPU or PSU.
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