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31 Aug 2010  

Windows 7 Ultimate x64

Results impress me, not ratings.

I value what you said, but one, I don't care about a website's rating and a site based on it's users ratings, I care about a programs effectiveness. (What is useful for some, is useless to others.)

My only option is to Repair the computer state as if it were breand new, erasing all my programs and settings.
The option to reset preserving my settings is greyed out. This is using my Windows 7 Disc.

I used the TCP/LSP/Winsock Repair from the Windows site because if the trojan I think I am infected with needs a method of unrestrained transport. I thought maybe fixing my Winsock would help in hindering whatever it is I have.

Thank you for the tidbit about Hijack (I use the old version, not the Trendmicro version) and now have more leads to follow if it reports the files are not there when in fact they could be.

Initial Problem:
DivX Update and Adobe Update windows popping up every couple minutes when I was not working within a program. This ALL led to the problems I have now. Upon reading both are hijack programs, I started with Trendmicro. First in normal state, then in Safe because it would keep finding the same files. Once it said my system was clean, I restarted and they began all over again. And this was the beginning.

The last step. My windows is working fine with no issues and no programs I do not regognize running. However I would not know regardless, as my Hidden/Show all options in both the Start, drop-down menu have disapeared, as has navigating to my Control Panel manually and finding nothing. I used 4 articles from this site to repair my Hidden/Show buttons, both in the Organize Drop-down Menu and Control panel, to no avail. I have gone back on-line searching, using not only 7forum .reg re-staters and even doing it by hand following the manual method, but as well as on-line and thier, actually, pretty much the same method of recovering my Hidden/Show items.

Hidden/Show works and shows in both the drop down menu in the the Start Button centre, but in the control panel as safe mode, working in to BOTH ADMIN and MYACCOUNT, both of which have Admin privleges.

Any other suggestions?
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