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02 Sep 2010  

Windows 7
0,03mbit upload speed as most


I have an odd issue with windows 7 x64 ultimate.I have recently installed windows 7, and first of all, everything feels slow compared to windows vista,I know it shouldn't but I can feel a big difference in different situations like slower menu,s most of the time,Waiting time in most applications,More than in Vista!

My mouse drops the selection in all applications, including windows explorer!The easy way to explain this would be
If i play an FPS game and fire up my machine gun,I push my left mousebutton and hold it down.But after a second it stops fire even if i hold the button!

However, most annoying is the network issue.I have tried all i can think of.Reinstalled the network card driver,Forced it to use 10/10 full duplex,Turn of firewall,Turn off antivirus but nothing helps.The roof of my upload speed in WIN7 is 0.05mbit,It should be at least 0,8mbit.

Someone who knows what i should check? i have 8mbit down and 0.05mbit up now and it should be 8mbit down and 0,8mbit up.
I can't even upload a picture to imageshack :/

Gigabyte Ga-ex58-ud5
core i7 920
6gig cosair ddr3
Gigabyte HD5870
My System SpecsSystem Spec