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02 Sep 2010  

Windows 7

Hello and thanks for the reply!

Well its not an Router issue! All other devices is working as they should!My Iphone and other computer has a good upload speed while connected to my router

Well i have just inactivated the Antivirus app but sure i can try to uninstall it!

*Edit* I uninstalled the antivirus application and still no difference in upload speed
Guess I have to go back to Vista again,Its not that bad anyway!I kind of like Vista more and I'm not sure why people like Win 7 more than Vista ?Everything was blazing fast in Vista if I compare to Windows 7,Also I can see Windows 7 use more ram than Vista did.

*Edit2* I did make a bios upgrade before i installed Windows 7 but I'm not sure if that has something to do with all my problems I have with win7?
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