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03 Sep 2010  


Why do you want to get rid of Recovery Partition?

Have you made the Recovery Disks?

If you don't have the Recovery Disks then I would make them or keep the Recovery Partition to be run from boot if you ever need to recover to Factory Condition.

Have you installed Win7 on a Vista computer? If so, you have probably lost the links to the Factory Utilities stored in the first partition. You can in that case also consider recovering that space.

But if this is factory Win7 computer then until you want to clean reinstall with a Win7 installer, you should keep the OEM partition utilities intact and only delete the Recovery partition if you have made the disks, or dont' plan to use them to recover because you plan to clean reinstall with a Win7 DVD you otherwise obtain.

It's late, I hope I explained it ok. It's an important disclaimer. Ask any questions back and don't jump until you think it through.

Option Two in the tutorial posted will work fine to delete Recovery (instead of 100mb) and recover the System MBR and disk space into Win7. Be sure to run Startup Repair three times from the Repair CD.
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