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04 Sep 2010  

Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit
Windows 7 Hang

This actually has happened with my computer ever since I got it. I believe at one point in time, it had Windows XP on it but I don't remember if it did or not, let alone if it had the same problem. I then had Windows Vista (32-bit) and now Windows 7 (64-bit).

I cannot replicate the error at all, but on random days, my computer will just completely hang. No mouse or keyboard response. So therefore, CTRL+ALT+DEL is completely useless. I should note that my mouse and keyboard are wireless (RF, I think). The only way to remedy the situation is to press the reset button on my computer, or do a hard shutdown and turn it on, again. Of course, I'm then prompted to ether go into Safe Mode or start the computer normally. I wouldn't know what to do in Safe Mode, anyway.

I've looked through the Event Viewer and I can't see anything that looks like it could be causing the error. Maybe I'm missing something. I don't know.

Does anyone have a similar problem or at least know how to fix it? I'm wondering if there's a hardware problem somewhere or if it's software.
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