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07 Sep 2010  

Windows 7 Professional x64
Midis sometimes don't play properly

Hi there,

Ever since I upgraded to Windows 7 from XP a month or so ago, I've noticed a small problem with midi playback. I say 'small' because it doesn't affect very much - I've only encountered it in 3 midis so far.
The problem is that some of the notes are starting to cut out, or not play at all. So,
when a long chord is being played, it's quite noticeable when one of the notes suddenly cuts out, while the others continue going - or sometimes it just doesn't play to begin with. It's not quite random, though - it happens to the same notes the same way each time I play it, and if I change a few things round it happens differently, though again consistently if I replay it.

I'm not sure what my sound card is - when I go to Device Manager (which is what Google usually tells me to do), under Sound I see one 'High Definition Audio Device' and four 'NVIDIA High Definition Audio's.

The problem is most noticeable when I'm using Sibelius 4 to create/edit midis (though it occurs in all media players if I export the midi). I notice that, on seeing one passage that has this problem, if I mute some of the other channels, the problem gets less, and eventually disappears if I only select a few channels to play. Perhaps my sound card can't cope with too many midi commands at once? It certainly only seems to happen when there are a lot of notes being played at the same time.

Is there some easy solution to this? Thanks!
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