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17 Sep 2010  

Windows 7 Home 64Bit
Toshiba Laptop brand new first time boot up failed!?!?!

Hi guys i need help...

Just forked out money for a brand new toshiba satelitte laptop, preinstalled windows 7, turned it on for the first time out of box and it began some 'partitioning' thing..i have no idea what it is but i was excited to get going so i selected 'Windows 7 64bit' clicked next and it loaded with a blue bar, took about 20mins...

...then it went to another screen and said 'creating crc file' , or something like that and the blue bar never loaded..time elapsed went up to 2hrs, time remaining never showed. i figured something was wrong, clicked cancel, rebooted and its now stuck on the windows starting up, black screen..

..i admit i was a bit hastey through the initial start up so iv probly screwed up something... how can i get it to load windows now??? please help! =(
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