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19 Sep 2010  

Windows 7 Professional x64
Sound volume low


I recently updated my graphic drivers to the latest. (ATI Catalyst 10.9)
I restarted my computer and noticed that my sound is acting strange.

When I play a game, for example Oblivion or Fallout 3, and talk to a character their voice is very low volume. I can barely hear what they're saying.
When I stand next to them and they are talking (without me engaging in a conversation with them) I can hear them just fine.
I can also hear all other sounds just fine.
I checked the audio settings for Fallout 3 and the voice option is set to 100%.

I believe that while playing Dirt2 the voice that tells me 'easy right', 'hard left', 'don't cut', etc is "muted" as well. (I'm not sure, though - haven't tried it enough to be sure.)

I also checked my audio drivers, and it's set to 5.1 (I thought it might've reset to 2.0 or something.)
I have a 5.1 audio system, so that's not the problem.

I also checked the audio advanced options for "communications" (which can 'set all other sound' to: 1. 50% 2. 80% 3. Turn off completely. 4. Do nothing.)
-I tried doing nothing, but I still can't hear the voices properly. (It was set to 80% by default.)

I tried to automatically search for audio driver updates, but found nothing.
I haven't tried re-installing them.

Here's my specs:
Analog Devices AD2000B @ Intel 82801JB ICH10 - High Definition Audio Controller
ATI Radeon HD 5870
Windows 7 Pro x64

When I run the "check each speaker" -thing; I get clear sound from all speakers, except the Center speaker.
It sounds just as the others, but it is really low. (Like 15% volume, compared to all the others.)
My System SpecsSystem Spec