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20 Sep 2010  

Windows 7 Ultimate Build 7600 x64 Retail
Windows 7 Suddenly Lag then BSOD/WSOD

System specs listed in my profile.

During the last couple months, I have had a problem with my PC. The symptom is that the system randomly (and suddenly) went very laggy (extremely slow mouse cursor response, sound starting to stutter), and ultimately, the system crashed with a Blue Screen or White Screen, and the only remedy is to do a force reboot (holding power button till the PC goes off and turn it on once again.)

However, this symptom does not occur during intense gaming or multimedia. (GTA IV, Mafia II, StarCraft II, etc, etc...)

I used to have display driver related error (nvlddmkm.sys, if I remember correctly) which was solved by updating the latest driver from NVIDIA website.

I have attached some crash dumps to this post as well. Actually there were a lot more but I was unable to salvage all of it.

I have searched and referred to this link (BSOD and WSOD on Windows 7, P5Q Deluxe, GeForce 260 GTX) but since my PC is a laptop, I was unable to modify any advanced BIOS-related parameters. NVFlash also does not work, since a supported EEPROM was not found.

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