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15 May 2009  

Windows 7
Slow on IDE drive?


A few days ago I tried to install W7RC on my machine. I tried to install it in a 80GB SATA drive, but the installation would always freeze at extracting files, then shut down with an error message.

I tried then to install it on another 80GB drive, this time an IDE one. The installation failed again (not at the same point but a little while after). But after a couple more tries, it eventually installed.

Now everything's fine and installed, but incredibly slow. Like, 10 or more minutes to boot. Then when actually using the menus inside Windows, it's slow at times (I'm guessing it's when Win needs to load something) but overall it works well.

Could this extreme slugginess be caused by the IDE drive? Now I've read in some other topics that extracting errors during installation usually disappear if the installation DVD is burned at slow speeds... But I'm not willing to download and burn the whole thing again just to find it had nothing to do with the drive.

What do you guys think? Will it boot faster in a sata drive?

- sorry for not specifying specs. I'm currently at work and can't remember, but something like dual core 1,6ghz and 2 gb ram.
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