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25 Sep 2010  

Window 7 Ultimate X64

I know you have probably already been there, but at the top of this forum look at the Realtek HD Changing Jack output reassignments ( FIX ) thread.... do this exercise found on page 12 (on my browser), by unforseen... this should tell if your chipset is finding the devices. Just a suggestion.

Navigate to the following key:


Here is the pin combination:

Pin01 (green jack - front speakers) 04 00 00 00
Pin02 (black jack - rear speakers) 05 00 00 00
Pin03 (orange jack - center/sub) 06 00 00 00
Pin04 (brown jack ) 07 00 00 00
Pin05 (pink jack - microphone) 01 00 00 00
Pin07 (blue jack - line in) 00 00 00 00

--snip-- (much very usefully stuff)

You will just need to find which pin# are assigned to what.
To do this - if you plug these items in one at a time, you can see what pin assortment is assigned in the registry. If you already have pin values, delete the Pin# files and then unplug and replug each item in and you will see what values are assigned to each jack on your motherboard. F5 key refreshes the values so you can see what registry value is being added. So.. delete the values after you have removed all plugs, plug 1 item in at a time, press f5 in REGEDIT, and take note of your values.

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This worked great for me as I was troubleshooting my sound jacks.
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