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30 Sep 2010  
desert bum

Windows 7 Pro 64bit
home workgroup problem

four computors are involved. One XP Pro, one Win7 laptop, one new Win7 with an AMD Phenom 3.2GHz CPU and Win2k.

They are all connected to a workgroup. The two Win7's can see and talk to the XP Pro and Windows 2k, Both win7's SEE each other XP Pro, Win2k. Both Win7's have their drives shared, however they do not show that the drives are shared, a user name and password is allways aked for.

I cannot find a place in either of the Win7's to enter a user name and password for the workgroup computers. The setup information goes around in a circle it seams. File and printer sharing is all activated. While in either Win7's I can transfer files to any of the other computers so the path way does exist, I just cannot find a way to establish a user name and password in either Win7 computers.

Note: the laptop uses Windows 7 Home Premium, the Windows 7 desktop uses Windows 7 Pro.

I read the mail in one other post on the first page regarding an IT expert who was havin Win7 networking problem, however I did not see anything in that discussion the solved my problem.

Any Ideas????
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