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03 Oct 2010  
mickey megabyte

ultimate 64 sp1

you'll have to go through the list and check yourself to see if your software still works. you may have to do some research as to what the programs are - google is your friend.

the first thing in your list looks like a java updater. every time you start your computer, this program gets loaded and runs to see if there is a new update for java. do you particularly always need the very latest version of java? do you even use java at all? entry is safe to disable in my opinion.

gadwin print... - do you use it? can you use the snipping tool instead?

3rvx - a fancy volume knob - do you need it etc...

lightscribe - useful for burning images into special discs - does the software still work without the startup entry?

hpadvisor - what is that? some program put on your computer by hp. do you ever use it or know what it does? does your pc still work with it disabled?

only you can decide what you do or do not need running on your pc at every startup...
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