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07 Oct 2010  

Windows 10 Education 64 bit

If it was a problem with the PCIe slot not suppling enough power to run the fan I think you would have other problems. You would be having other graphics related problems. Does the 9800 have the extra power connector on it, and if it does do you have the required power cable plugged into it? I think the first thing I would do is see what kind of case temps you have. Depending on what program you use you could probably see your vid card temps and hard drive temps if they have temp sensors in them. I usually just run the utility bundled on motherboard CD, and I'm really not up to speed on what is good and what isn't so I'll let someone else recommend something. I'm on my third GT220, the first one was DOA out of the box. The fan didn't work at all and the card went undetected in BIOS or windows. The replacement for that one worked but the fan buzzed and didn't run at full speed. Third times a charm I guess because the last one has been fine for almost a year now. They were made by BFG so if this one dies I'll be going to a different manufacturer anyway. It kind of sounds like Asus got a bad batch of fans.
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