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  1. Solved Congrats!
  2. Why ONE YEAR difference in some DVD releases
  3. A bit of greed
  4. Samsung 840 PRO 256GB Black Friday Pricing?
  5. 'Comet of the Century' ISON coming into view this week
  6. Solved Helicopter, Sikorsky S58-T
  7. Award to be give out periodically.
  8. Any Scots or Welsh guys here - interesting comparisons
  9. I Spy
  10. Solved Happy Birthday kado897
  11. Google Street View 50-year old Royal Navy submarine HMS Ocelot
  12. How this world is changing
  13. chrome and vlc
  14. The Morris Worm: Internet malware turns 25
  15. Government agency compromised by fake Facebook hottie
  16. Poor Fred
  17. "Hybrid" Solar Eclipse at Sunrise Along the East Coast of the US
  18. Here are all of Google's Halloween Easter eggs
  19. Ladies Handbags - Dangers
  20. Spooky Halloween prime number
  21. Norwegian manís forgotten $27 investment in Bitcoin now worth $886,000
  22. Dell replaces Latitude E6430u's because they smell like cat pee
  23. Surfs Monster Wave in Portugal
  24. Is Windows 7 compatible with the Sling technology by DISH
  25. Andrew Basiago Claims U.S. Sent Him On Time Travels
  26. Microcomputer Software Lives Again, This Time in Your Browser
  27. Solved Bandwidth thieves, I don't like them
  28. Here's one - Can you believe this !! Water Meter runs too slow !!
  29. Why is broadband so expensive in the US
  30. Broadband more expensive in the US - that's a surprise
  31. How to perform a proper CLEAN ALL...
  32. Solved Power adapter for monitor nolonger being produced
  33. Solved Ah yes I finally got the call ! I had to choke back the laughter......
  34. Best Android Apps!
  35. Show us your Pumpkins
  36. In Honor of National Beer Day 27Oct.13
  37. Why does ABC (USA) cancel anything even half decent
  38. Smart TVs are dumb, and so are we
  39. Converting Text To Outlines Abobe Illustrator
  40. Today [14.2ĺ]
  41. Got the spare change??
  42. Solved 24 Ways We Should All Be More Like Scandinavians
  43. Old PC - What OS to put on it?
  44. Solved Dinesh, The wonder Man from Mumbai 25 Today!
  45. The US Navyís newest warship is powered by Linux
  46. BIOS Advertisement
  47. Anyone here played around with both the Galaxy S4 and the Galaxy Note3
  48. Happy Birthday Britton 30
  49. Amazing and Scary
  50. Word Association [22]
  51. Six Degrees of SF
  52. Stupid facebook users
  53. Windows 7 & Web Hosting
  54. Getting Drunk Tonight - Iceland made it to 2014 Playoffs
  55. The timeless allure of microcars
  56. Billy Cote
  57. New Vid Camera
  58. Show us your Vanity Plate for your Automobile
  59. mobile phone operating system
  60. How do you sign up for Bitcasa?
  61. Solved Pumpkin Carving
  62. Managing attachments
  63. VLC / MX player /Mobo multi media players (and streaming)
  64. Riddles and Questions
  65. Any audiophile CD/Album collectors here?
  66. My First tutorials (in case no one has seen them yet)
  67. nobel prize award
  68. Clever with letters.
  69. iPhone security
  70. Solved Happy Birthday linnemeyerhere
  71. Buying a new PC
  72. Ascii
  73. Best Musics (Rock/pop/Rap/Techno/Dubsteps)
  74. Best laptop of 2013
  75. Jimmy Rig
  76. Last Letter Game [17]
  77. Keep calm and let the car drive itself
  78. Paypal problem (Please Help)
  79. Solved Happy Birthday A Guy
  80. International Fleet Review - Sydney Harbour
  81. Solved What a Deal!
  82. US guys -- How can we save money by shutting OUR Govt down
  83. Tom Clancy dies at 66
  84. Free Cell phone service?
  85. Solved Sad Moments...
  86. Windows vs Ford Motor Company
  87. Go Browns!--Go Indians!--Go Buckeyes~
  88. Nvidia sure is an efficient garbage file collector
  89. Can I have one thirdparty content video and be a Socialblade partner?
  90. Keeping Your Laptop Plugged in All the Time Will Kill Its Battery Fast
  91. 1984 / 2084 and George Orwell
  92. overclok.net is down
  93. Does size matter?
  94. Thumbs up for ASUS
  95. Solved Universal installer
  96. Solved Long read but worth the time.
  97. Solved This will make you laugh or maybe cry.
  98. Solved SCAM? Phone call from "Microsoft Windows Repair Support, Albany"
  99. My First Tutorial Here
  100. History of the Interwebz
  101. Your Future..
  102. An Interesting Bit of Car History
  103. Solved can someone tell m(president)
  104. Legal Jargon help
  105. Yachting; America's Cup, The Final Leg...
  106. Solved Ohm's Law
  107. Work Phone
  108. Dolphins
  109. Solved some cudos, a hearty thanks and keep up the good work
  110. Oklahoma Vintage Game Exhibition
  111. It's the end of the light bulb as we know it
  112. CCENT: Are you one?
  113. I wonder.. is there a way ?
  114. Talk Like A Pirate Day
  115. How to add a subwoofer to my pc?
  116. Intel sees Linux as the leading end-user operating system.
  117. How About A Laugh
  118. Disney Researchers Create A Way To Make Geared Figures
  119. Training
  120. iPhone 5S haters: here's how you steal a fingerprint
  121. Samsung Galaxy S5 specs released
  122. Laptop Selection...
  123. Keep One Change One [16]
  124. Mercedes-Benz Ubuntu: Autonomous long-distance drive
  125. Video Cameras help?
  126. Voyager 1 enters interstellar space - an incredible journey
  127. I lost the boot capability on my XP machine.
  128. Atlantic Balloon crossing today!
  129. Not active online, but still active!
  130. Excited!
  131. Model Railroaders: Are you one?
  132. Interesting phone call
  133. Happy Birthday koolkat77
  134. Security breach at "forum.notebookreview.com"
  135. Best practice for MCSE courses ?
  136. Has this photo been played about with or is it real?
  137. Solved Sites for building a web site
  138. The end of the world prank
  139. Nexus 7 2013
  140. 40 Maps That Will Help You Make Sense of the World
  141. Am I the only one who think TV has regressed in the last 20 years
  142. Why do you love this website ?
  143. Watch Indian TV shows and movies for free
  144. Microsoftís Big Start Was A Total Ripoff
  145. Too funny
  146. Who likes steam locomitives??
  147. Solved first computer game
  148. [REQ] Coding Tutorial Website
  149. Portable Coding Notepad...
  150. What Time Is It?
  151. Shana Tova
  152. Download speed induced rant
  153. Solved Facts
  154. Happy 50th birthday, Compact Cassette: How it struck a chord for milli
  155. Advice me a POWERBANK
  156. Solved Happy Birthday Arc
  157. Facts, facts and more facts
  158. how long it will take printer/scanner maker
  159. Remember computing in the 80's?
  160. What are these writings?
  161. What is the first game you ever played?
  162. Do you think windows 7 is better than windows 8?
  163. car and computer industry
  164. Scientists shine a light on irregular heart beats
  165. Great educational site for our grandkids.
  166. How it all began
  167. I want my own single page website. Point me in the right direction.
  168. Solved Happy Birthday Stephanie
  169. facebook settings
  170. Pilots Test Game
  171. Solved A big thanks to SF community, esp. Essenbe!
  172. Solved Anyone know anything about HTML and CSS.
  173. Solved Request to Check a Website
  174. Man who created own credit card sues bank
  175. Chrome rules the web
  176. Solved Happy Birthday Nommy
  177. Oh, I hope this is legal here
  178. YouTube keeps asking me to get a Google+ account
  179. Coming soon to your bar? A beer with no hangover
  180. Solved Summer Slam
  181. Meet The Dread Pirate Roberts
  182. A big thank you!
  183. Van Gogh Shadow
  184. i know this has nothing to do with computers but i will use it WITH it
  185. Google Maps Has An Incredible Doctor Who Easter Egg
  186. For hard core gamers: $1 Million Saints Row IV Special Edition
  187. Off on vacation
  189. Solved How in the Sam Bell can this happen
  190. What Games you Currently playing right now?
  191. One Second on the Internet
  192. A very unusual brain
  193. Fellow Photographers - amazing Ligtning hits Eifel Tower
  194. What does your taskbar Look like
  195. Want to try to hack a government system and get a prize if successful?
  196. August hosts Perseid, the best meteor shower of the year
  197. How's it going everyone?
  198. Seminar I did yesterday
  199. High-tech toilet gets hacker warning; nothing is safe
  200. Seems Apple is experimenting with Android develpement
  201. Rather sick this one
  202. Nigel (barman58) has Birthday Today!
  203. i have an idea for a stickied thread on here
  204. Honda "Hands"
  205. Jalepeno poppers
  206. Looking for a phone
  207. Add fan to external hard drive?
  208. Most Interesting Videos I've Seen
  209. This was a pretty cool car
  210. Man gets fake FBI child porn alert, arrested for child porn
  211. If you are in the market for a tablet
  212. I am not giving autographs
  213. Solved Happy Birthday Joan!
  214. Solved Help with Tablet Purchase
  215. Do we really need Twitter?
  216. From the makers of Troll Spray...
  217. These were actually said...
  218. Solved Upload test
  219. Did you know?
  220. Hey Shawn, you got some ink ;)
  221. The Korean War 60 years ago
  222. Sounds great
  223. thank god in the way of sevenforums
  224. XP computer- worth upgrading RAM?
  225. Specifications of the new Nexus 7
  226. Roccat ryos release date... anyone?
  227. Solved Reset stolen bios on laptop
  228. Ubuntu Edge - crowdfunding surprise
  229. Good Morning Thread
  230. The Landfill Harmonic Orchestra
  231. World's Funniest Videos!
  232. Honest logos
  233. Security breach on the Ubuntu Forums
  234. Solved Can you ID this circuit board?
  235. Solved Royalty?
  236. Solved A King is Born - Sweepstakes - £100 Prize
  237. Lead Acid Battery Info!
  238. does anyone still run Windows 95?
  239. Another fascinating, little known bit of history
  240. Some random historical pictures
  241. Thanks
  242. Thanks for help
  243. Mel Smith RIP
  244. Solved Thanks to Brink
  245. Best Laptop You have had
  246. Just got myself a new PC, what games can I run??
  247. How did you guys learn
  248. 7 core processor ?
  249. Solved Happy birthday to me
  250. brand of andriod tablet