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  1. classic shell issue
  2. Vertical icon listing
  3. Limited account, restrict apps, but has install rights
  4. Why Cant I Find the Personalise Button?
  5. Create new folder template
  6. Recent Places Arrow
  7. no sound nice pack?
  8. Solved Folder Backgrounds
  9. Remove working program icon in taskbar
  10. WindowBlinds : Is it worth it
  11. Solved How to delete the Windows Default sound scheme?
  12. Solved Start Menu On Top?
  13. Solved How do I change the color of this taskbar
  14. Icon for folders question
  15. IconPackager issue
  16. Desktop Icon Sorting Arrangement
  17. Icons better looking in my desktop "only"
  18. Solved Can anyone make an icon out of this?
  19. How to create a windows xp toolbar and start menu
  20. Modify Number of Characters per Line on Desktop Icon
  21. How can remove a context menu?
  22. Solved Patching windows for the use of third party themes
  23. Custom toolbar on taskbar startup path problem
  24. Login retaining the last user name.
  25. Customizing Ctrl+Alt+Del Screen
  26. Notification Area
  27. Solved Help with RocketDock?
  28. Solved locations of my deskbar content popping up & grouped ...
  29. Solved changing these icons !!
  30. Solved Add icon to imageres.dll
  31. changing size of user account picture?
  32. Icon Request
  33. Solved how to restore the folder icons
  34. Solved How do I change clock color and remove the "Show Desktop" button?
  35. Solved Imageres.dll
  36. iTunes icon (stubbornly) won't change
  37. notepad context menu
  38. A full-featured Windows 7 Aero to Starter and Windows 7 Home Basic
  39. Solved Two quick questions about cursors and start orbs...
  40. Dreamscene Videos never fit on screen
  41. font install problems
  42. Adjust the display order of system tray icons?
  43. Solved How do I edit the context file in Windows 7?
  44. Basic Networking Information
  45. Win7 Taskbar Help
  46. How to change icons when seing control panel in Category View?
  47. Solved I need help with following font issues
  48. Strange icons for shortcuts and files!
  49. Taskbar problem remnants showing
  50. Is there a way to select all the Win7 wallpaper?
  51. how can I display 300 desktop shortcuts?
  52. Multiple Monitor Wallpaper
  53. Solved background color for Wallpaper
  54. Solved Tweak for 'run as different user' option on taskbar shortcut
  55. change background drives
  56. Solved Logon screen, change/remove logon picture
  57. 2 bootable ISO's on 1 pendrive
  58. Custom made Windows 7 boot screens
  59. Solved How do I change this Icon!?
  60. Solved Context Menu Cleanup for Dummies
  61. Why Is A Context Menu's Program EXE Section Alphabetized? Change It ?
  62. Solved Move "Computer" and "[username]" out from under Desktop in Explorer?
  63. Remove the Login Screen Icon
  64. Solved Large Icon Display in Explorer Window
  65. Solved mouse pointer
  66. weird white bar over my start bar? how do i remove it? (pic)
  67. Solved assigning a icon to a file type in W7 64 bit?
  68. Solved Where are the large icons?
  69. Custom Login screens help or advice.
  70. Trying to make logon screen with guest account and switch user button
  71. Help with SCREEN SAVER Needed
  72. Solved Screensavers and Monitor positions.
  73. Solved 'Pointers' Tab in Mouse Properties Box Gone!
  74. Solved A missing gadget
  75. Solved Aero peek box missing from performance setting window..
  76. Solved Picture location ( wallpaper ) how to remove
  77. Screen Saver Window 7 Logon Screen Slideshow
  78. Editing Windows 7 Basic Information
  79. Solved System sound
  80. taskbar icon absolute placement
  81. tweak ui came over with transfer wizard/oh ____!!!
  82. How to hide window's title and icon?
  83. ADVICE PLS: Very high vis mouse pointer
  84. Solved Folder monitoring for wallpapers?
  85. RSAT Is Not Working Fine
  86. Black screen after the logon screen
  87. Solved Migrating themes, etc. between accounts?
  88. 3 options show at a time for power setting
  89. Arranging icons on the desktop.
  90. WMP12 Background Changer v2
  91. Solved Aero without glass
  92. Solved are invalid desktop shortcuts deleted?
  93. Solved Problems with start menu background image
  94. Solved Problems with start menu background image
  95. Systray clock skins can not display clearly on pale-colored Desktop
  96. Solved Icon Customize for the Users folder
  97. Solved shutdown button on wakeup screen
  98. Solved Personlization Problems with wallpaper
  99. How to increase windows blur.
  100. can I disable auto-optimizing?!!!
  101. Dreamscene shadow font fix that works?
  102. taskbar showing just two icons; help!
  103. enabling aero.. help needed plz
  104. The look of Thunderbird
  105. how do I put a subfolder in Start Menu, outside of All Programs?
  106. XP-style notification area? (no tiny window for hidden icons)
  107. Wallpaper - how do I change it?
  108. I tried to find these icons...Couldn't
  109. right click on my folders is not working
  110. Dialog box colour?
  111. Solved Pointing device (tablet) - Built in utilities
  112. XP-Style Folder Thumbails in Explorer
  113. Solved Custom mouse cursors reset to default upon restart?
  114. Right-click on desktop item highlight
  115. Freeware that improves the look of the Win7 Systray clock
  116. Games off the Orb Menu
  117. Menu Highlight Graphic?
  118. Taskbar icons changing locations
  119. Remap CTRL + SHIFT + Arrow Key
  120. Solved explorerframe.dll / Windows 7 x64
  121. help me out
  122. Crazed font setting for (some) dialogs
  123. Custom folder layout
  124. Speech Recognition
  125. Account image
  126. Shaded User ID Picture
  127. Solved Windows Explorer customization
  128. Application keyboard shortcuts
  129. Custom Screen Savers
  130. Solved Search Locations
  131. "Glass" effect on taskbar icons
  132. StartKiller v3.2
  133. Solved On-Screen Keyboard (Win 7 Premium 32 bit)
  134. Strange problem with pinning an icon to taskbar
  135. Radial Menus?
  136. Transparent taskbar with non-transparent icons. Possible?
  137. Free 3D wallpapers?
  138. Solved Change application associated icon?
  139. Solved Windows 7 start orb chage
  140. How to install downloaded 3rd party icons !
  141. Solved hide the parental controls applet in the control panel
  142. 96 dpi scaling is not working properly
  143. Where is this graphic ?
  144. not transparent !! Help me
  145. Solved Redirect User Profile to use folders on D:\ ?
  146. Screen Savers
  147. Solved Windows Aero - White Shade to the left and right - Remove
  148. How can i have a desktop which is the same with this?
  149. Change Shutdown / Restart / buttons
  150. Solved what is this?
  151. logon background changed but not working
  152. Lock PC by Power Options not screensaver
  153. Solved Persistent Folder Icons
  154. What's a Task Pane and why change it?
  155. Solved Make Close Window Button Larger
  156. Show side by side - specify order
  157. Solved Color Scheme changed to Windows Vista Basic
  158. change icon
  159. How can I change the default thumbnail size in windows 7?
  160. Accessibility on drag and drop options
  161. How would one change the font colour
  162. How to make Windows Explorer branch out in Start menu?
  163. Prevent users from running executables from usb sticks
  164. Desktop background slide show option
  165. Please help me write a script
  166. Solved Is there any way to remove the watermark on the login screen?
  167. How to remove white eye???
  168. Windows 7 Ultimate, removing window borders,and other customize questi
  169. Auto screen resize?
  170. Font changed changed
  171. Can I copy icons and settings from one windows to another?
  172. Change Control panel background
  173. Desktop Display Issue
  174. Monitor Preference
  175. Help with Windows 7 logon screen with dual monitors
  176. Solved help with icons
  177. I Need Help To Reorder The Context Menu Script In Script Form?
  178. I Am Looking To Add MS Office 2007 Programs To My Context Menu?
  179. New Lua file option in explorer -> new
  180. Documents Library
  181. How to add a wallpaper to Windows 7 Starter without 3rd party apps
  182. Solved Add elevated command prompt to context menu
  183. Vaio Gate
  184. active title bar+notification icons=fail?
  185. Colors of font and typing fields
  186. Solved Color is overriding chosen background picture
  187. The old "move public folders game"!
  188. Desktop icons not aligning properly
  189. Explorer delete button
  190. I messed my fonts up! Help!!
  191. Solved Customize my bookmarks
  192. Solved Is there a way of totally disabling F1 hotkey ?
  193. Solved internet search shortcut
  194. How to cartoonize yourself?
  195. Solved Add Computer Management to Desktop Context Menu
  196. Solved Account Restrictions via password
  197. computer shut down
  198. Solved Taskbar Image File Location
  199. Solved windows 7 taskbar thumbnail previews missing?
  200. Solved Windows Embedded 7 Icon
  201. Customizing Context Menus?
  202. Checkmarks
  203. What we call this thing? Can we add our own shortcut?
  204. Solved how to edit 971 stream image on vista style builder!!!!
  205. Help - Desktop Blurring
  206. Solved Windows Explorer Bar Navigation Button Missing
  207. How to Eliminate Aero
  208. moving "appdata" folder
  209. Solved How:change color of adress bar,progress bar in chunks,access Adv set?
  210. Solved Start Orb Changer
  211. Disable auto-hide Taskbar mouseover popup?
  212. Solved Remove "Create Shortcut" from file and folder context menu?
  213. Solved Context Menu Create Shortcut
  214. Download speed settings?
  215. Not really a crash - More like a question
  216. enable .icns thumbnails w7
  217. Please Help!! Screen name
  218. Creating a kiosk pc
  219. Android Like Desktop on Windows 7 ?
  220. Can anybody make a orb for my?
  221. Customized Control Panel View?
  222. Disconnect a session instead of locking it
  223. Solved Change Windows 7 Video played at startup
  224. Accessing shares without navigation pane
  225. Customizing the Windows Default Columns that Appear
  226. Solved Win 7 won't allow me to change user picture
  227. Any way to remove user picture frame in log on screen?
  228. Changed Icon?
  229. Windows Aero Not Working
  230. Custom Music Folder Icon Reverts Help Please
  231. Mouse pointer
  232. Programs that keep windows from overlapping a certain spot.. ?
  233. Solved Logon Screen Help Needed!!!
  234. Solved Aero Desktop Question
  235. Black Box on Desktop
  236. Solved Context Menu entry to create shortcut in folder
  237. Solved Wallpaper Slideshow Transitions
  238. Remove Picture
  239. How to set a picture as a desktop object ?
  240. Mac OS X Loinís LaunchPad Feature For Windows 7
  241. have win 7 installed screen saver not working
  242. Duel Screen issues
  243. Desktop Background will not display pictures
  244. How do I repair Windows 7 when Extensions are corrupted
  245. Solved On-screen keyboard problem
  246. transparent icon is black?
  247. How to remove Windows "Orb" on Taskbar
  248. Windows 7 login screen change?
  249. How do i get rid of the welcome screen?
  250. Changing the name of a taskbar icon on the fly?