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  2. Solved Thumbnail Problem: Improper
  3. Changing folder icons win 7 home premium
  4. What do these mean (in authuii.dll)
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  6. IME occasional fault
  7. customize windows 7 explorer
  8. how to make 7-64 remember the "save as" dialog's view settings?
  9. The see more results button is wrong
  10. Menu bar customization
  11. Can I install Icon Packs designed for Build 7600 on to Build 7601?
  12. My hunt for Icons.
  13. How to change the error icons?
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  15. Stylebuilder 1.5 and Photoshop Cs5 Problem.
  16. Gadgets Lost Their Transparency??
  17. make caption buttons transparent
  18. possible?
  19. F5 Command Key
  20. Shortcut to Show Sidebar (icon not windows+G)
  21. Solved "Open with..." is not adding new programs to the list of defaults.
  22. Solved Pinning Custom Folder
  23. MP3 Album Art Thumbnails Not Working Any More !?
  24. Removing Orb's ToolTip
  25. How do you change the highlight color?
  26. Can I move TEMP/TMP to nested folder on re-directed drive?
  27. GDI++ no longer works in IE9!
  28. Customize pinned apps
  29. Pin folders to StartMenu - right panel
  30. Solved Put Desktop Back In Navigation Pane
  31. How to change menu background?
  32. permanently display only custom columns for all folders (old and new!)
  33. Remove shadow Icon Boxes
  34. Solved My open windows on screen are moving against my will!
  35. Language folder of different languages
  36. Open, Save File dialogue box
  37. Removing "Shut Down" from the Start Menu
  38. cursor location
  39. Taskbar on Left Side issue
  40. Solved Print screen and crop
  41. User theme not remembered
  42. OEM Configure
  43. Solved Can't rename "Documents" library to "Comics"
  44. Context Menu editing
  45. How can i change windows 7 task pane?
  46. How to edit command line in shortcuts for .exe
  47. how do i add folder in right click desktop
  48. One last try, Get rid of User Account picture on login screen.
  49. Can I change fn key settings?
  50. 7 branding label removal
  51. Display auto-changes
  52. Wallpaper quest
  53. Show Computer Icon on Desktop
  54. Turn this effekt off
  55. Changing Wallpaper Fade Time
  56. [Ask] Locked Windows 7 Themes and Wallpaper
  57. help changing folder details
  58. How to change the default file manager?
  59. Icons - Few Questions.
  60. gadget that displays pinned folders as a list
  61. Align To Grid
  62. Desktop Notifications using Event Viewer or Task Scheduler
  63. ScreenSaver
  64. Solved Add To "Open With..."
  65. 10 Common Photoshop Frustrations (and How to Fix Them in Five Minutes)
  66. Changing File Icons in Win7?
  67. Customize Start Menu buttons?
  68. Icons Resolution (.png, .ico).
  69. Execute windows commands
  70. Create a new text file in lightning speed!
  71. Personalization border colors and etc.
  72. Solved Why does it do this to the folders?
  73. I miss my X very much
  74. Solved Temporary large notificaion area icons are diving me crazy
  75. Effect of changing the wallpaper
  76. Classic Shell Add On Buttons
  77. custom theme balls up
  78. Taskbar Height Question
  79. Cant change taskbar icons. Help please
  80. How to change RightClick Menu Background Colour
  81. Dock/Organizing desktop
  82. Customize boot up theme
  83. Solved Folder Thumbnail View
  84. logo screen problem
  85. Animated wallpaper without windows aero scheme selected
  86. Solved Simple trick for opening Elevated Command Prompt
  87. Save file order
  88. Solved Removing Left Plane in Window 7's Start Menu
  89. How to create custom windows 7 themes?
  90. Changing the icon of an attached network device?
  91. min max close button closer CBC
  92. Wallpaper doesnt change
  93. Custom Start Menu Folder
  94. Details view everywhere
  95. Want to Change Logoff Background Screen
  96. How to remove: include in library, share with, burn...
  97. Custom Gaming Platform Wallpapers (Open for Requests)
  98. Simple .bat file that will make your PC shutdown after given time
  99. Style builder - how to make window title bar gradient
  100. Solved How can I change the default cursor?
  101. Keyboard Shortcut?
  102. Solved Advanced Caps Lock remap
  103. Change icon size using a registry key change?
  104. Wallpaper picture
  105. monitor positions not saved
  106. Idea / request for mod?
  107. Windows Reshuffling Desktop Icons
  108. Customizing the search ability
  109. Menu Bar application?
  110. Change the Library a bit
  111. Solved How to change default folder in Windows Explorer?
  112. Folder name instead of folder path in the taskbar
  113. Solved Windows 7 bold font by default problem - solved
  114. Can you help enlarge this please
  115. Solved Icon Problem
  116. Help With the Color of the OSK
  117. font problem
  118. taskbar wont stay UNhidden
  119. logon video
  120. A new attempt at a transparent explorer
  121. Solved Look of Win7
  122. Change fonts on Start Button popup
  123. Help with Theme Creation
  124. Solved Windows dragging problem
  125. Aero blue highlight
  126. put restart explorer into context menu
  127. Different colors for files
  128. Solved How to change "new folder" icon?
  129. Solved Favorites folder locaion
  130. How to Get Amazing Color from Photos in Photoshop, GIMP, and Paint.NET
  131. change taskbar icon size to specific size other than small or large?
  132. Restore and Minimize button color
  133. Symbolic folder linking
  134. MS celebrates St Patricks's Day
  135. Taskbar highlight color
  136. Configure start menu "all programs" to be pop out menu like Windows XP
  137. Disable smooth fonts everywhere
  138. Solved Autorun Icons disappeared (Win 7 Ultimate x64)
  139. Taskbar icon for open program/window change
  140. Powerplan Toggle Help Requested
  141. Liquid Drag Having the dragged window translucent
  142. Favorites Bar in favorites dropdown menu
  143. Two users & different displays and sound systems
  144. Language Packs
  145. Question: Windows 7 Default My Documents
  146. How to disable Ease of access using vb6.0/C#
  147. Folder Image Cover
  148. Solved More than two power schemes?
  149. Solved Help! - How do i restore default icons?
  150. Black screen after the bootscreen
  151. completely remove 'recent items' option from save as/open dialog
  152. Control Panel Icons Have no text
  153. Completely disable the Win7 power button?
  154. navigation pane fun
  155. Dreamscene
  156. Flip 3D
  157. remove tooltips when hovering over start button and pinned icons
  158. Pop-Up Text Size causes distortion
  159. Custom Opened Program Folder?
  160. Is it possible to change live folder?
  161. My start menu fonts are blurry when i apply themes
  162. explorerframe.dll driving me mad!!
  163. Color Scheme Fix For Windows 7 Ult-x64
  164. ExplorerFrame.dll?
  165. Virtual Desktops
  166. Monitor 2/3 Will Not FullScreen Desktop
  167. Solved msconfig shortcut
  168. I've got a couple questions on customizing Win7 64
  169. Problem with Aero
  170. Tray icons not there
  171. Disk Usage Bar in "My Computer"
  172. Solved Help renaming user folder
  173. System Tray CPU monitor?
  174. Cascading "My Computer" menu in desktop context menu
  175. Desktop background stuck on 'Fill' (not HP)
  176. Full picture preview in folder icon possible?
  177. Where can I find this button for customization?
  178. Solved Badges PNG format?
  179. Credit to PooMan UK
  180. Enhance GIMPís Image Editing Power with Gimp Paint Studio.
  181. Make My Computer Background Like The Photo Below
  182. Rate my desktop!!
  183. scheduler monitor off and hibernate settings
  184. Change logon wallpaper each boot
  185. Setting file select window size
  186. Can you specify a custom taskbar icon size?
  187. AutoPlay stopped working, help.
  188. How to remove Cut, Copy & Paste options from context menu?
  189. possible vista shell on 7?
  190. Folders/Programs don't highlight anymore?
  191. How to turn ON pc when they are off
  192. How To Make Hundreds of Complex Photo Edits in Seconds With Photoshop
  193. Is it possible to change the Start button graphic?
  194. How to change appdata/temp folder from C drive to D drive
  195. Solved Is it possible to customize this
  196. How do I stop it?
  197. Would like a new clock
  198. How to pin the items to left side of quicklaunch area?
  199. Pinning frequent folders
  200. Window calendar from Vista
  201. Fully Transparent Theme ?
  202. Solved Where are my Windows 7 drive icons?
  203. iTunes icon
  204. increase screen saver time
  205. Start button position
  206. New user account not appearing on login screen
  207. taskbar help
  208. Change windows 7 library icons
  209. Making a registry file for my application.
  210. custom .reg files, or windows install
  211. Desktop Background on Windows 7 Professional 32 bit
  212. User Rename.
  213. Add glow around explorer windows?
  214. Solved How can I lock individual shortcuts and folder on the desktop?
  215. Missing Icons
  216. Icon Transparency HELP
  217. Solved How to get rid of taskbar icon websites
  218. How to change menu background color?
  219. welcome screen design
  220. How to change default XML editor?
  221. right click / size
  222. Administrator
  223. start "welcome"
  224. Solved Viewing Open Windows From Taskbar?
  225. Solved Icons not changing
  226. [HELP] Cannot replace WINDOWS data , Please anyone tell me how to?
  227. Move the start button
  228. Replacing default folder icon in imageres.dll
  229. Help with getting a function on my desktop
  230. Solved Replacing System Files
  231. How to change program title
  232. What happen my context menu? and Audio, video files?
  233. Windows 7 grouping folders
  234. Solved Start menu shortcut editing
  235. Hiding the "show desktop" button
  236. Solved Changing Font size/ type globally in Win 7
  237. How do I change these system properties?
  238. my screensaver won't display on the right monitor
  239. Solved Desktop Background
  240. how to change your windows 7 os to a mac
  241. how to change this.........
  242. Microsoft apps drawing menus backwards from normal
  243. Triple monitor wallpapers...
  244. Solved Customize Navigation Pane
  245. Require to increase text size
  246. choose what closing the lid does
  247. Background
  248. Solved I disabled Libraries, but why does it still show in save prompts
  249. Print in safe mode?
  250. Fantasy windows