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  1. Putting specific backgrounds on multiple users
  2. Solved how to move file in folder
  3. Looking for taskbar resource in msstyle
  4. How do I add a item to the "New" context menu?
  5. Solved Bin in Start Menu
  6. Can i have some advice regarding my dual monitor setup
  7. Solved Problems with My Documents folder
  8. Customising folder icons on removable HDD
  9. Changing network icon
  10. XP style tray icons?
  11. Solved Windows aero started working differently
  12. Wierd problem displaying icons
  13. Stupid Aero can't change my taskbar colours!!!
  14. Windows 7 taskbar changed to basic view and won't change back
  15. locking a folder's layout setting
  16. Selective Screen Blanker
  17. transaprent folder background?
  18. Expand windows vertically on the desktop using Snap - size not remembe
  19. Windows explorer icon appearance changed when unpinned.
  20. blocking programs from start menu's most frequntly used list
  21. Taskbar Font..
  22. square lines
  23. Taskbar color
  24. aero peek keeps turning off
  25. change the sidebar color in control panel..
  26. How to enlarge picture preview box?
  27. "Documents" don't show in Start Menu
  28. windows aero disabled
  29. Solved taskbar thumbnails not showing up?
  30. Stupid annoying problem
  31. Screen saver does not initiate
  32. Making explorer background transparent?
  33. Solved How can I add/edit/customize "THESE ITEMS" ?
  34. cannot change logon screen wallpaper
  35. hi,how can I change this :
  36. group policy editor error
  37. Custom drive icons
  38. How to reduce taskbar toolbar height?
  39. Solved Customizations Basic queries???
  40. Window 7 screen saver
  41. Explorer frame padding/margin?
  42. desktop windos 7 starter
  43. "Bubbles" Screensaver with other background possible?
  44. Can't add folders for desktop wallpaper
  45. Unusual Taskbar color problem
  46. Show recycled files in context menu?
  47. Thunderbird System Tray Icon
  48. Background color or what?
  49. Resizing Desktop Windows
  50. How could I Remove....
  51. How to add "Turn Aero on and off icon to context menu?
  52. Modify Navigation Panes Padding?
  53. mouse cursor
  54. Tweaking - How can I create a new type of folder??
  55. I know i am a little cheeky but any chance of some help
  56. Brex's High Tech Custom Desktop
  57. How to pin an application with the string "help" in its name?
  58. How do you change the color of the square around a selected icon?
  59. Windows 7 Taskbar folder previews
  60. Edit Notepad?
  61. Help installing custom themes/taskbar!
  62. Help - Screen Blanker Utility - Is there One ?
  63. Windows 7 Picture/File Loading
  64. Start menu problem
  65. Need help..
  66. Solved Editing the Taskbar/Toolbars Context Menu
  67. Solved Possible to edit this smilie?
  68. Is this possible?
  69. Solved Seems odd to me that..
  70. Change font color on Logon Screen
  71. Changing Color
  72. Customizing the "My Computer" context Menu
  73. How can I install a X-Mas Vista Visual Style in Windows 7?
  74. Minimzed programs taskbar, color
  75. Good idea possible?
  76. Taskbar media player?
  77. Picture Editing Software Idea's
  78. How to Customize contacts & desktop default icon ?
  79. Library Folder Sorting
  80. Windows to lists
  81. Removing Picture Frame On Startup/Login Screen
  82. Column widths in Explorer ?
  83. Snow for desktop
  84. No Drop Shadows on Certain Applications
  85. Solved How to open multiple folders in a usual way?
  86. stoopid arrows
  87. Open current wallpaper in Windows 7
  88. Solved Favorites Icon
  89. Hey, does anyone know of a...?
  90. classic dark grey theme?
  91. Solved System Specs
  92. How do I delete it?
  93. problem in viewing sidebar
  94. Icons
  95. folder name
  96. Solved Reset Gadgets
  97. screen saver/application running
  98. how to create 77 login image like....
  99. How to change icon on taskbar when i have a folder open?
  100. Some themes for RK Launcher...
  101. Desktop Wallpaper Creation?
  102. Solved imageres.dll
  103. Solved How to get rid of this?
  104. Solved Hello, i new here (: i need help About change boot
  105. Problem Applying Themepack Due To Name Of File
  106. Tutorial request
  107. GOOD Shortcuts Disappear - No New Shortcuts Possible
  108. security settings customization
  109. How to remove the 'shiny' effect of the title bar?
  110. Is there any way to get rid of this useless bar?
  111. Windows 7 does not recognize the Monitor
  112. No custom Hard drive icons
  113. Toolbar at top screen - NOT taskbar
  114. icons in round view
  115. modify windows boot screen
  116. screen saver doesn't working
  117. Dynamic background
  118. Need some website images
  119. Windows Live Photo gallery screensaver
  120. Unable to customize settings??
  121. Custom animated cursors don't work
  122. Solved Can any1 help me with this ?
  123. Solved Windows 7 Boot Screen.
  124. Solved Does anyone have this icon?
  125. Can a user add "comments" to the "Windows Explorer" screens
  126. Custom 'Save as' destinations??
  127. I was completely dumbfounded when I saw this...
  128. Default location for explorer.exe (changing libraries)
  129. Newbie driven to distraction by file management
  130. GFX Team HELP
  131. Solved Pin a document to the taskbar
  132. DLL that has notification icons?
  133. Solved change windows 7 logon screen words
  134. Make my windows look like something other than now?
  135. Multi-Display Wallpapers - Post here!
  136. A New Look For Windows 7
  137. Normal.res HeX colors
  138. Best of Bing 4
  139. Is quicker way to...?
  140. Personalization issues
  141. Switcher question
  142. Add Desktop to Explorer panel
  143. Windows Explorer - tree view (left side)
  144. silly problem ( desktop background)
  145. Windows 7 - Background Stuck
  146. Solved Cannot Change order of Pinned Taskbar icons
  147. cant change 1 icon.
  148. Windows 7 Taskbar icons, can I custom size them ?
  149. disable Classic Explorer
  150. Start Orb
  151. Create Desktop Slideshow
  152. Remove desktop icon text?
  153. Look of the Close, Minimize, and Maximize buttons.
  154. Changing Default Folders?
  155. Help in changing branding logo
  156. Where can I find a screensaver like this?
  157. Solved How to change a particular icon...
  158. Looking for specific windows 7 theme
  159. Is there a auto arrange desktop icon hotkey?
  160. ask : how to show folder image backround on x64
  161. Fix Icon after using Icon Packager 5.0
  162. Solved How to customized icons on certain folders on Windows 7?
  163. Folder customization.
  164. Low Quality User Account Picture
  165. Could someone tint these?
  166. A webpage as a wallpaper = a wallpage?
  167. Quick solution for switching between split/duplicate display
  168. Solved Unable to change drive icons in Win 7
  169. Solved Magnifying glass mouse-cursor app?
  170. How to move scroll bar to the left?
  171. activity.bmp:how can i put 105bmp's into 1
  172. Change the alignment of the picture in Start Menu?
  173. Can't install Oceanis program
  174. Christmas is round the corner :)
  175. change boot screen
  176. How to Create My Own Folder Icons with Photoshop
  177. Slimmer Taskbar? Also Auto Hide Questions.
  178. Wallpaper will not change to slideshow on Windows 7
  179. Windows 8: Better interface colors customization?
  180. Making shuffle checked permanently - even when changing themes
  181. How to disable the auto folder in the taskbar
  182. Folders wont change
  183. [MU] Cheshire Cat Wallpaper for Windows 7
  184. DWM doesn´t work
  185. Size of one Icon
  186. Start Button Tip
  187. Taskbar Icons Help
  188. Change size of notification icons?
  189. Looking for a few things
  190. Changing boundaries for maximized windows?
  191. Where can I find this wallpaper?
  192. Looking for cool themes
  193. Windows Classic Show Desktop icon?
  194. How to create my own folder links in the Start Menu
  195. Customize a default user at logon screen
  196. Desktop slideshow randomly pauses
  197. Change color of taskbar "alerts"? Is it possible?
  198. where are the original Aero Image's?
  199. Aero Tuner
  200. Screen Saver does not work
  201. customizing admin privileges?
  202. from where download cool picture for desktop
  203. Aero Glass forms black screen?
  204. How to remove text from desktop icons??
  205. I love touch screen, can the experience be improved?
  206. Classic Shell is looking for testers once again
  207. Old person needs help with display
  208. Windows Explorer Up to parent folder button
  209. How to make dreamscene play when aero peek?
  210. "Align icons to grid" does not align to grid
  211. all users have access to programs down...
  212. Looking for wallpaper - Dell & Win7
  213. Looking for wallpaper - Dell & Win7
  214. Problem with Shortcut to Restart
  215. Windows 7: Program to customize style of window title text?
  216. Folder size?
  217. change windows start button icon
  218. Change pop-up notifications from Taskbar
  219. Possible to make Desktop Wallpaper like Live Photo Gallery Slideshows?
  220. Auto-Hide Navigation Pane [REQ]
  221. Solved Cant change my background
  222. Tooltips won't change colors
  223. Help removing a context menu
  224. UXtheme patcher
  225. want to change the selection color on desktop
  226. Solved Change folder icon?
  227. Moved to an SSD, need some help linking libraries...
  228. thumbnails only NON-FOLDER ICONS
  229. Free Fonts To Those Interested
  230. Windows Start sound
  231. Explorer view/sort
  232. little help
  233. Default Font Size & Type Using Aero - Change?
  234. remove desktop item in Windows explorer
  235. remove vertical spacing in Windows explorer
  236. Customize Taskbar without Aero...
  237. Windows Color Scheme
  238. Third Party Notification Programs not showing up after GPO Install
  239. Change desktop backgrounds automatically based on time and weather?
  240. Icon (.ico) sizes in Win7 when changing folder icons
  241. start a program on login
  242. Desktop background stops shuffling?
  243. customize Objectbar
  244. Solved Window Drag is weird?
  245. Details pane
  246. Desktop BG disable
  247. How to set Windows Explorer to open always in fullscreen mode (W7)
  248. How to fit dreamscene videos onto desktop?
  249. Going back to original.
  250. hiding desktop icons of windows7 home basic