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  1. Logon Screen Password Box Help
  2. Custom Navigation button thread
  3. Dream Scenes
  4. Classic search
  5. Win 7 Starter desktop issues...Oceanis, regedit etc
  6. New library icons
  7. Is this normal? >personalization>wallpaper>names
  8. Looking for Specific Taskbar Help.
  9. Problem with dialogue box edges
  10. Alternatives to Aero?
  11. Changing file options
  12. How to change the default double click action?
  13. Remove
  14. Is there a way to customize to search box?
  15. folder background image
  16. Shared desktop picture??
  17. wallpaper problem
  18. How to exclude files and folders from "Recent" lists and jump lists
  19. Help Pls Custom theme
  20. I'd like to put a large clock on my desktop
  21. How do I create another taskbar?
  22. Group by type order?
  23. Start orb changer
  24. Corrupted .exe icon, help please!
  25. PNG desktop icon ?
  26. Need this cursor/object dock.
  27. transparency delay problem.
  28. Batch file for...
  29. Edit folder context menu?
  30. Pointers...
  31. My C▄stomizǝd DǝsktÍp-sʍopuıʍ
  32. How to finish my desktop!?
  33. What is the name of these Docks?
  34. Choosing Classic View
  35. Screen saver?
  36. File Arranging
  37. How do I change Windows Media Player Library View Icon Sizes?
  38. Windows 7 custom cursors.
  39. Change Favourite Link Icon In Navigation Panel(Window 7)
  40. application windows size on startup
  41. ANNOYING arrow @ the bottom L of my desktop icons!!!
  42. Custom Bios Splash Screens!
  43. Just One Aero Thumbnail Preview per Window
  44. modify folder view "kacheln" ...
  45. Solved Remove OpenOffice from Win 7 Desktop new context menu
  46. Changing WIN7/64bit Startup Sound
  47. How to create custom mouse + key combo to autofill password
  48. Right-Click Extender a Right-Click Menu addon app
  49. Animated Desktop Wallpaper
  50. True Taskbar Shortcut
  51. Cannot get my wallpaper to stretch across dual monitors
  52. Aero stops working with Luna VS
  53. Menu item color problem
  54. Save dialogue box too small
  55. Desktop Link in "Browse..."
  56. Copy/Move to Folder
  57. start orb position
  58. Help with modding w7
  59. Windows XP file type icons
  60. ANN: Classic Shell 2.8.1 is out (cascading All Programs and more)
  61. Shortcut arrows missing; strange picture instead
  62. Help me disable the taskbar button color highlight "feature".
  63. Make Animated Desktop...
  64. explorer color scheme
  65. logon background & 1280x800
  66. Getting rid of redundancy
  67. Moving Shell folders by registry
  68. List view and ...
  69. Scroll bar question
  70. Hide Contacts Folder
  71. icon customization
  72. Where to find good library replacement icons?
  73. question about customizing icon
  74. Stupid desktop question
  75. Pin an external drive to the taskbar
  76. Laggy interface of Windows 7!
  77. Start Orb Changer/Theme Installer
  78. Icon help
  79. Change font in Msstyle with Restorator/Resourcer?
  80. Trying to restore start menu default settings - Not Working
  81. Navigation Pane - Keep it simple
  82. Program has bigger resolution than lcd on the notebook
  83. Icon help
  84. question about software to change icon of
  85. Change"Windows 7 Ultimate" On Logon Screen To Anything I Want Please H
  86. I need to know how to make 3 images into a usuable start menu button
  87. Screensaver Not Turning On in x64
  88. Add or remove list in 'open with' using registry editor?
  89. Problem with rocketdock
  90. Can't Change Icon to Defaults
  91. Taking control of the Taskbar???
  92. Add custom explorer bar buttons and actions
  93. Anyone use rainmeter?
  94. How can I change the color of selected items?
  95. Adding 'Downloads' folder to explorer pane.
  96. Problem -
  97. Lose browser/folder retention on desktop
  98. Customized Library
  99. Alienware invader skin for media player 12
  100. icon customization and ownership
  101. icon customization
  102. Question about taskbar icons
  103. If I change the view of one folder, the view of all folders changes?!?
  104. question about customizing icon
  105. [help] Change size of classic theme start button
  106. No icons in the right side start menu
  107. FLV files: How can you make explorer acknowledge the duration?
  108. Solved Color Folder Text
  109. HomeGroup Icon from H***
  110. Help!!!! Default icons
  111. Disable taskbar Auto-Hide when taskbar isn't covered?
  112. Change some folders to "Medium Icons" mode
  113. Some Desktop Icons not displaying fullsized
  114. Folder Thumbnails
  115. Favorites Toolbar
  116. alt Key Menu Navigation
  117. Where on deviant art are the themes?
  118. Steps to chage windows 7 into Royale xp + some queries
  119. how to change boot skin ?
  120. Shortcut-folder hybrid icons???...rel. to post about folder lockouts
  121. custom toolbar...
  122. FINALLY: a way to remove the Show Desktop button
  123. Solved Set drag and drop to copy not move
  124. Easy make a rectangular Start Button with The Gimp, RWCE, and W7SBC
  125. Need A little help with a little something
  126. Taskbar icon grouping exceptions
  127. question about the icon changing
  128. Frequently Used Programs in Start Menu
  129. How Do I Disable Taskbar Thumbnail "Aero Peek"?
  130. How do you clean up the Open With right-click context menu?
  131. I need new icons, login screen for my new theme :D
  132. Possible Corrupted Files
  133. Icon label colors
  134. How to change the back/forward buttons of windows 7?
  135. Ultra VNC Viewer
  136. WTA : personalization on windows 7 home basic
  137. How on Earth do you replicate the WLM Border?
  138. Any program allow making/installing start rectangles?
  139. Hey, would you help a noob?
  140. Help with creating shortcuts
  141. Please help
  142. Who's searching animated avatar...?
  143. Remove buttons from Explorer Toolbar
  144. How does Aero Works - Some questions about Windows 7 skinning
  145. Retrieving Aero Glass base color for opaque surface rendering
  146. Change Power, Wifi, and Volume Icons
  147. String value changes not showing???
  148. Help with stack docklets
  149. Classic Shell is looking for testers
  150. Customise desktop for different users
  151. Locked computer dual monitor
  152. sequence of programs at startup
  153. Spacing between taskbar items and also system tray spacing
  154. Use the folder icon from Windows XP in Windows 7?
  155. Solved Q: Ok to change "Registered owner"?
  156. Set Windows wallpaper to file on server
  157. Wallpaper problem
  158. How to; Automatically Show More Details!
  159. Universal Theme Patcher for Windows 7
  160. Solved Q: how to disassociate a program from a file type?
  161. How to change the Welcome Screen?
  162. Looking for Rainmeter weather & calendar
  163. Taskbar color question
  164. Looking for a better desktop look!
  165. how to remove ?
  166. Windows Explorer: Folder Browsing
  167. Taskbar Icons
  168. rainmeter problem.....
  169. Windows 7 Dock with Sub-Docks
  170. Can't Move Folders Between Libraries
  171. How to add extra toolbar
  172. Q: Explorer - row height for icon view
  173. Can't get fonts right
  174. Arranging files in folders
  175. Ungrouping items in taskbar
  176. Set default Windows size/position
  177. set wallpaper incorrectly -- how to close a file in dock?
  178. desktop background problem
  179. Removing Glass effect and blur from taksbar?
  180. Fonts are changed ?
  181. Add your name to right click menu
  182. Explorer.exe editing
  183. Can you make everything in windows explorer aero?
  184. can someone check this for me?
  185. Customizing Windows
  186. Photo Screensaver - file id
  187. Keyboard is acting weird
  188. Solved Will you edit this .jpg wallpaper for me?
  189. Solved Will you edit this .gif for me?
  190. Only show icons (and hide notifications)
  191. Make windows slide away when closed
  192. How can I remove the "delete file" preview?
  193. Remove running programs from the taskbar...
  194. white dropdown items
  195. Easy (but magnificent) webpage customization
  196. How to replace a font in input language toolbar
  197. How to optimally adjust text size?
  198. Taskbar - Custimization question
  199. A Little Help With "uxheme.dll" Issues Please?
  200. Any one knows how to add borders to the right click Menu
  201. Logon screen user picture size
  202. How can I click and drag to move programs on the taskbar?
  203. Look at this desktop!
  204. 2 things I need to know
  205. 2-4 monitor screens on 1 monitor?
  206. Compatibility Administrator tips?
  207. WMP 12 Customizing and Windows explorer editing
  208. Desktop Icon Spacing
  209. Prevent unpinning apps - taskbar context menu customization?
  210. Show Icons Video
  211. These Icons, bit like token?
  212. Wallpaper isn't good!
  213. how do i remove some folder in Computer Navigation Pane
  214. How do I change the Window Boot Manager text?
  215. How do I customize the BitLocker key screen txt?
  216. Dual monitor - Activate shortcut
  217. Search box
  218. Windows explorer treating me like an idiot
  219. desktop background
  220. So...lots of Explorer issues. Fixable?
  221. AveFolderBG - Change Explorer Background
  222. iTunes Icon Change
  223. Logon WorkShop
  224. Is this wallpaper girley?
  225. Context Menu Editor
  226. Different look of the 7
  227. Flash applications on desktop
  228. Windows Colors - Text?
  229. Picture re size tool
  230. Change default Browse for folder location
  231. Context Menu Help
  232. Solved scrollbar enlargement
  233. Hyperdesk themes and flashing taskbar buttons
  234. Is there any program to disable Zip/Compressed folders?
  235. Changing Window frame color doesn't work
  236. Aero + classic window background
  237. How to change the icons of movie files?
  238. anyone know how to delay auto logon a minute or two
  239. Windows 7 taskbar colors
  240. Start-Menu
  241. Any way to make folders in Start Menu - All Programs expandable
  242. Whats a good App launcher gadget?
  243. My Videos Location
  244. Would someone crop a custom boot up sound for me?
  245. How to kill that darn sticky notes icon?
  246. Start Menu Background
  247. How to reorder the navigation start panel links in Start Menu
  248. Change the windows 7 Logon Background
  249. Folder Limit
  250. Delete on Win7 explorer toolbar