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  1. Wallpapers slideshow - any chance for subfolders?
  2. Start Menu: Removing User Pic & Adding Shortcuts
  3. Keeping the Taskbar Thumbnail On without the hover?
  4. Changing Photos Screensaver Settings via Group Policy
  5. Full path in the title bar of explorer windows
  6. Add screensaver
  7. Personalization Gallery Twinkle Wish
  8. moving folders
  9. Possible to glass the Preview Pane background?
  10. How do I add a new folder to Start menu?
  11. Where would I find my paint icon?
  12. Steelflash Reborn
  13. Start menu?
  14. Move Icons to left of taskbar?
  15. Is it possible to cycle dreamscene Video
  16. Explorer Background query
  17. show desktop button
  18. Magnify Part of Screen Permanently?
  19. Anyone have any Windows 95 or 98 icons?
  20. Classic look
  21. Desktop slideshow becomes static after RDP connection
  22. Remove Navigation Pane from some folder views?
  23. when pc Logs in, it asks me to "run" startup programs
  24. Speech Recognition
  25. "My Computer" Icon Problem
  26. Hiding SOME desktop icons
  27. Can't remove item from quick launch bar.
  28. Add "New->Sticky Note" to desktop context menu?
  29. Folder Picture
  30. Can't change background
  31. Screensaver: Using Two Monitors?
  32. Expanded Context Menu Question
  33. How would I change the startup screen?
  34. Taskbar
  35. Windows 7 default icons
  36. Suppress displaying label of the pinned taskbar icons?
  37. Start Menu and Taskbar question
  38. How to make taskbar invisible?
  39. Need help with some dock icons please
  40. Screen saver music
  41. Color of Taskbar Clock?
  42. 3rd Party theme's not working
  43. Problem in desktop
  44. Changing desktop image
  45. icons moving on restart 32bit
  46. Have your avatar 'Christmastzized'
  47. Get back to "Classic" or copy/paste file path
  48. Some start menu folders questions.
  49. Maya Paint Effects problem
  50. Rainmeter help
  51. How can I permanently remove the "My Music" folder?
  52. Info on a file in the status bar
  53. Wallpaper won't stick after reboot
  54. How to force taskbar to be 24px max in height?
  55. Space below custom tool bars on taskbar
  56. Icons in taskbar are staying highlighted plzhelp
  57. Solved Which version of Photoshop?
  58. Make Realistic Icons More Realistic?
  59. Pinning a url icon to the taskbar
  60. How to change background color of Win7 folders
  61. Stardock Objectdock
  62. what is that bar called across the bottom.
  63. recycle bin
  64. Desktop and start button change mysteriously??
  65. how can i hide the start orb from taskbar?
  66. Msconfig
  67. Problem installing DreamScene on 7
  68. Turning off windows maximizer
  69. Clock clicking function?
  70. Can "Copy as path" be enabled permanently without Shift
  71. I want, delete background in context menu
  72. Setting up public and user folders
  73. Control Panel in Computer?
  74. Deactivate or hiden desktop screen in the tray ???
  75. How to view EXTRA LARGE ICONS as default?
  76. Larger icons in the Start menu folders?
  77. Changing delay on window "peek" (not desktop)
  78. Upbar? what is this thing?
  79. Samurize Windows 7??
  80. Windows Menu & Taskbar on 2 screens
  81. Removing the power button from welcome screen
  82. Reset/Reverse/Undo Color calibration?
  83. Computer or Control Panel shortcuts on taskbar
  84. New user folders and default locations
  85. Is it possible to set sidewards windows upper stripes?
  86. Change image background for start menu ?
  87. Windows 7 Desktop Background Slideshow Not Working
  88. There is Any way to Disable Folder thumbnails Only in w
  89. How to create window boundaries?
  90. That 3D view on Vista
  91. How to delete item from Open With list?
  92. Does desktop "come alive" in win7?
  93. Desktop Background missing options
  94. Changing window selection behavior in the taskbar
  95. Windows 7 Dreamscene *video*
  96. tasks on the taskbar
  97. Hotkey to Multiple Displays
  98. random wallpaper changer
  99. How to make folder thumbnails like XP?
  100. Centering Desktop Background
  101. How Can I Change These??
  102. Disable this
  103. Win Explorer Background Change
  104. Using the Start Menu to switch between running programs
  105. How to make the taskbar icons bigger?
  106. Taskbar - Show no. of instances of an app
  107. Aero v2 for Windows 7
  108. Moving C:\Users in an D partition
  109. Dynamic Black ///
  110. Hide Desktop Shortcut Name ?
  111. problem with all skins.
  112. Additional Start Menu Folders
  113. LOGON sound doesn't play when there is auto-logon!
  114. Dreamscene in Windows 7 ULTIMATE
  115. MS now offers Personalization Gallery for Windows 7
  116. IME bugged?
  117. Trbl customizing desktop image
  118. Change windows 7 to old Windows Security Logon box?
  119. Windows Explorer
  120. How to rearrange the items in toolbar of windows explor
  121. Miss my old buttons
  122. Desktop shortcut collections
  123. Pinned items to the right...
  124. VistaGlazz 2.0: Windows 7 & XP SP3
  125. Problem with multiple wallpapers
  126. Stack Dockelet!
  127. Need help changing IE Address bar text color
  128. PrintHood shortcut folder in User Folders?
  129. arranging folders/files manually
  130. Title bar colour gradient in Windows Classic
  131. *Add* watermark?
  132. Second taskbar on a single monitor?
  133. Columns in Windows Explorer
  134. Reverse dragging direction: dual monitors
  135. Right click menu turned to old style
  136. How do I stop Video Web Camera?
  137. Tired of waiting
  138. Solved Thumbnails association problem
  139. possible to move the windows button?
  140. Where to get the defult backgrounds?
  141. UltraMon 3.0.7 & Win 7 Pro 64 & Dual Screensaver
  142. How can I move the "Users" folder?
  143. Notification area icons
  144. Neet taskbar on top...
  145. Help shell32.dll*missing
  146. getting rid of white glow on the taskbar
  147. Change default window background colors?
  148. Solved I can't change my desktop background
  149. Decreasing font size
  150. How to install GDI++ (mimic MAC font rendering)
  151. Dual monitors and photo screensaver
  152. Question about uninstalling.
  153. changing the look of the taskbar
  154. How to make folders into menus in start menu
  155. Solved Shortcut toolbar
  156. Anyone got a samurize calendar config for me plz?
  157. Viewing folder thumbnails like in XP?
  158. Download 338 Windows 7 Wallpapers!!
  159. Pinning to Start
  160. orphaned icons
  161. How to remove delete option from recycle in Windows 7?
  162. Making Files that are Opening Take Focus
  163. change spinning circle next to cursor?
  164. How to make Window Color black?
  165. replacer doesn't work
  166. Open folder and have thumbnail pics question
  167. xp desktop had auto arrange but can't find on win7
  168. is there a way to change this to look like vista?
  169. screen saver over 2 monitors
  170. Screen Savers?
  171. changing what program is used?
  172. Decrease space icons in taskbar
  173. Add/remove entries from address bar menu
  174. Help me get the default font folder for Windows 7
  175. rotating taskbar at top of screen
  176. XP taskbar much nicer than W7 one
  177. Preview pane on top
  178. [Taskbar] I can't change the color
  179. Icon text placing
  180. Start menu -> Shutdown Button - "shut down" and "sleep"
  181. What did i Disable?
  182. Looking for these icons.
  183. MAC OS skins
  184. Useful WindowsAccessPanel
  185. Custom Icons - How to?
  186. Personalize Start Menu to have link to Personal Folder?
  187. Program on startup
  188. Yellow Fusion for Windows 7
  189. How to enable title bar text with aero?
  190. password at startup
  191. Remove desktop icons
  192. Icon software
  193. Setting HTML files as backgrounds
  194. taskbar and start menu help
  195. Where do you get your desktop wallpaper background?
  196. Network Icons
  197. How to edit folder templates?
  198. custom start button
  199. Arrange desktop icons in "list view"
  200. Changing my start menu button, but looks bad
  201. pinned Toolbar problem
  202. Windows 7 Skin for my HP laptop
  203. Still using XP - even as a VM but want W7 Look
  204. How to enable flip3d
  205. Uxtheme patcher for 7600 RTM - Works on retail?
  206. Tweak for Start Menu's "All Programs"?
  207. Problems with Aero
  208. Icon change for folders...
  209. Different shutdown and logon screens
  210. iTunes minimizing effect and missing hibernation bar
  211. 2d flip
  212. Need program name
  213. Windows 7 Startup loading screen
  214. Desktop Shortcut/Task Manager Help
  215. Windows and Folder Thumbnails (Or lack there of)
  216. Editing the Navigation pane in Explorer
  217. Post Your Start Menu
  218. Removing/Hiding Libraries Directory from Explorer
  219. Remember start->run history, but not program history
  220. Customizing iTunes Icon
  221. Show text from *specific* programs on taskbar?
  222. Animated Desktops?
  223. Show off your firefox...
  224. Taskbar Button Color
  225. remote shutdown buttin from locked screen
  226. Cant remove desktop Icon/Shortcut
  227. Printer Icons
  228. Change folder background color for free
  229. taskbar item colors
  230. Windows Start-up Icon problem
  231. Taskbar Tweak
  232. Create ShellPack
  233. Help! Windows Explorer Stops working!
  234. How to remember last folder opened.
  235. Stop Windows from logging off
  236. How to remove border around icons?
  237. How do I change it so all icon's/folders are...
  238. Start Menu White Background
  239. Have drive icon directly on Taskbar? Not Explorer?
  240. Group icons question
  241. Taskbar "Use Small Icons" Disabled
  242. Desktop Icon on Quick Start
  243. How Do I Change Icons Using Restorator?
  244. Key Customizing [Esc] to close Windows
  245. Question about the taskbar "recent programs"
  246. Effects in taskbar or gradients?
  247. aero peek help
  248. Windows 7 Covers by sergiogarcia9
  249. change color of window behind and to side of picture
  250. blurry icon's in "Aero Theme's"