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  1. custom start menu themes invisible
  2. Codename Classic Beta 2 Finally Released
  3. Single Monitor shutdown script
  4. Solved Custom AutoAppear/Hide App?
  5. Replace default Windows 7 "Thin Character" Fonts
  6. Solved Prevent changing of wallpaper etc for specific account
  7. Solved control panel
  8. How do I disable the cursor line all together?
  9. How to play custom sound when I press Ctrl, Alt, Shift, or Win keys?
  10. Windows 7/XP Dualbooting Question
  11. Solved I want Windows 7 taskbar to be the black that Vista had
  12. [Help] Windows 7 Text Colors
  13. Start button icon location
  14. Can't change back to custom theme from classic theme w/o restarting
  15. Changing folder icon Problem
  16. Issue with caption buttons in EVERY custom theme
  17. Solved Windows explorer missing an icon
  18. Ho do i change the position of windows explorer toolbar to top
  19. How can I rearrange the files within a folder?
  20. Remove "Rotate" options from context menu
  21. Original explorer.exe System32 file
  22. Different desktop wallpapers for 2 different screens?
  23. Icons are AWOL - Not Shown on Desktop (Why?) Pls Help
  24. Changing Icons
  25. Windows 7 Ultimate x64 Aero problems
  26. Solved Need some customization guidance.
  27. Solved Can Desktop Slideshow be disabled?
  28. Changing Fonts in Windows 7.
  29. How See Digital Clock From Task Bar Clock?
  30. How to open window in center of screen
  31. no Appearance & Personalization in control panel
  32. No thumbnails in open/save file
  33. It is possible ? To change Windows Explorer Fonts Color ?
  34. Solved Remove personal folder from Start menu
  35. how to keep logon wallpaper same for all desktop backgrounds
  36. Solved Problem changing or restoring logon screen - Help plz !
  37. how to change photo background log on screen welcome?
  38. High Contrast for certain programs?
  39. Custom login backgrounds that change over intervals.
  40. Solved Start Button Window
  41. Change double click ACTION - not merely the file association
  42. Solved fullglass.exe doesn't appear to change anything
  43. Fuzzy Wallpapers
  44. Advice for skinning W7, just window chrome
  45. Solved User account picture location HP windows 7 ultimate.
  46. Custom Iconpacks for Windows 7
  47. Solved Download Shortcut.url File = Lose the Custom Icon for It?
  48. DesktopBackground Shell entries conflict with Policies DisallowCpl
  49. Modifying Windows 7 Search Behaviour
  50. Add seconds to taskbar clock?
  51. Unattended installation
  52. Help on changing the e
  53. i cant change my folder picture (customize it) why
  54. how to change HEX in Taskmanager
  55. Convert path to URL?
  56. Trying to replace authui
  57. Can I Set a User to Auto Login After X Seconds?
  58. File Explorer Detail Comments won't display for more than 5 seconds
  59. Win7 Auto Log In without Keyboard or Mouse
  60. Laptop wont start after removing custom icons!
  61. Solved ICON Resize!!
  62. Solved How to bypass 256kb filesize limit on customs login screens.
  63. Solved change context menu font color when highlighted in WSB
  64. Add a icon to the open with and new context menu
  65. Solved add to windows media player list
  66. Solved Cant delete programs from context menu
  67. WinKey and X Admin Menu Download
  68. Changing the accessability buttons function?
  69. Solved List of REG Files
  70. Automatically change text size according to screen resolution
  71. window 7 icons change
  72. Autorun after mounting a truecrypt volume?
  73. Slide show only plays one picure
  74. How to hide my lock screen ?
  75. Missing images in Aero.msstyles
  76. Solved Can't set desktop background
  77. What's the best Windows 7 theme and gadgets?
  78. Desktop Windows Manager Session Manager not working properly
  79. Can a Library folder have a background image?
  80. Any coders -- need hook into Windows for custom key press
  81. problem changing "All programs" background for custom win7 theme
  82. Navigation Pane Customizer Error
  83. Solved Windows lacks essential Explorer features including panes.
  84. Solved Windows Background image
  85. "Set as logon background" in the context menu
  86. Solved Saving Files Below Each Other on Windows 7's Desktop
  87. Solved Restored Shell32.dll and no changes?
  88. Solved How to restore .exe file icons
  89. fuzzy system tray icons on 2560x1440 120 dpi
  90. Solved explorerframe.dll backup?
  91. Solved Windows Explorer display
  92. Solved Third Party Theme Problem
  93. Common Dialog boxes display hyperlinks vs. static text
  94. Reset/restore "Frequently Used Programs" in start menu
  95. Add context menu icon to 7-Zip and "Path Copy Copy"
  96. Program to completely dim screen, but still usable (like mac)
  97. Make windows scan & consider the fonts in applications
  98. Scripting host
  99. win7 default show desktop icon resource?
  100. Solved Windows Blinds
  101. Solved Registry Setting for Windows to Open Full Screen
  102. Solved Classic theme and windows explorer problems
  103. Can't move folders or files inside Explorer
  104. How do I edit taskbar within a custom theme
  105. Color boot screen for win 7
  106. Solved Delete one of two "Personalize" buttons
  107. Solved Excel Icons
  108. Trouble changing system tray icons...
  109. Windows Style Builder - Width of Window Frame?
  110. How to hide the "customize..." link from the window of tray icons?
  111. Rotation
  112. Stardock start menu for windows 7
  113. Solved changing all texts darker
  114. Custom Made Sig and Avatar [12]
  115. Solved Unable to hide menu bar in Windows Explorer (problem solved)
  116. Solved Unknown file type icon missing
  117. adding few things to context menu, unsure where to start
  118. How to restore Icons
  119. Solved Classic Shell installation Problems
  120. Windowblinds 7.9 beta for Windows 7 and 8 only
  121. Any way to make quicklaunch and taskbar icons same height?
  122. How can I let icon of 'shut down' and 'lock' shown in the start menu?
  123. File copying mods or applications help
  124. How can i change / remove address bar icon in 7?
  125. File Views Are Not Consistent
  126. Solved Change CTRL+Alt+Delete Buttons?
  127. changing (not removing) the windows 7 logon screen logo
  128. Classic Shell/Explorer Custom Command
  129. Solved Screensaver shortcut / hot key
  130. Vista Folder Icons for Win7
  131. Super Fast Shutdown icon on TaskBar
  132. After remote desktop, taskbar stuck in grey color
  133. How to install custom (different) cursors, that they wouldn't change?
  134. Solved How do I change the the .pdf file extensions icon? win7
  135. Solved Adding New Default File Types To Right-click>>New List
  136. Start Menu Alternative for Windows 7
  137. Solved Start menu with All Programs first and Recent programs second
  138. Start orb loader error
  139. Solved Remove "LOCK" from START.....SHUTDOWN......options
  140. Why won't the desktop icon change?
  141. current language for non-unicode programs to English
  142. FullGlass.exe causing uber bright "white's"
  143. Window Explorer Background Glass
  144. Icon image becomes small after program association ?
  145. Solved Why is iTunes trolling me? (Icon changes)
  146. Utility to Display Taskbar Thumbnail Previews Without Aero
  147. Programs other than Microsoft ones can't read desktop.ini
  148. Font, Display looks weird after Computer guy changed something.
  149. Possible way to use a vista taskbar in windows 7?
  150. Please advise command/method/script to adjusting color profiles
  151. Labels under icons in Small Icons View
  152. Looking for a forum logo
  153. us international keyboard not giving me the special characters anymore
  154. Dual Monitors, random blacks sections of Desktop
  155. Desktop icons text shadow disappears at bootup
  156. Solved System Model Number
  157. Removing Default Icons From Start Menu And Taskbar
  158. Ugly dotted line around selected button?
  159. Problems with using GIF/Animated Wallpapers
  160. How to create symbols
  161. Dynamic Desktop for Information Display
  162. Add a small icon to a picture preview
  163. "Hide/show selected file" using context menu
  164. Change display settings on Workstation lock
  165. How Can I Automate Settings Changes?
  166. French accented letters fine in webmail yet replaced by ?? in .txt
  167. Solved Can someone give me a default explorer.exe for windows 7 64-bit?
  168. how to show more lines of text on desktop icons?
  169. Solved changing desktop and folder icons to display photo thumbnails
  170. Quick Launch Toolbar, any way to change icon top/bottom margins?
  171. Can anyone help me remove these context menu items?
  172. Rocketdock Stock Docklet Icons not Working ! :(
  173. File attributes
  174. Solved Odd hover background in recent programs in Start Menu
  175. Steam internet shortcut icons randomly become small
  176. Folder Customisation to include images ?
  177. Solved Screensaver maker?
  178. Solved Question for the 32-bit color depth.
  179. Restoring default windows 7 Notification Area Icons
  180. How can I purposefully cause the auto-hide task bar glitch?
  181. Any way to rearrange entries in 'new context menu'?
  182. How to un-stretch boot splash animation for widescreen
  183. Solved How 2 make Japanese Text Appear Proper[not appear as Cube]in Explorer?
  184. Solved how to change these icons?
  185. Solved Desktop icon size - Ctrl+mousewheel
  186. Identifying What A Key Combo Executes
  187. How-to Change This Icon ?
  188. Solved Windows button + Tab
  189. Change the default directory in the explorer.
  190. Howto rename file types in Explorer as default & not Software specific
  191. Solved Theme Win explorer buttons with Style Builder?
  192. Solved How to create visual style installer (.exe)?
  193. Add a link on the left panel at the top of the Start menu
  194. Codename Classic beta 1 out
  195. Can we Customize message boxes.
  196. Desktop Windows Manager/Aero WON'T run.dwm.exe crash on restart
  197. Solved Recommend software to display more image formats in Explorer
  198. New folders opening behind current folder please help
  199. Solved sticky notes
  200. Solved Is there a way to change the size of only one desktop icon?
  202. How to make border like "no border" ??
  203. Solved ExplorerFrame.dll, Resource Hacker Help
  204. Control Panel Gradients in StyleBuilder
  205. Any way to stop Properties from showing relative times?
  206. Solved remove element desktop context menu windows 7
  207. Solved Jumps list does only show local files
  208. Put a custom link in the history pane
  209. How to edit Explorerframe.dll
  210. Windows 7 Icons sticking to each other?
  211. Solved Add "open with" context menu to URL extension
  212. I don't want the Screen to go blank whilst working?
  213. ShellStyle.dll Hacking to change Dialog Boxes' Background Color
  214. How to edit the size of title(caption) bar ??
  215. Sort users on logon screen
  216. Windows Explorer Browse button
  217. Solved desktop icon text
  218. How to change left pane BG in start menu and all folders
  219. How to edit minimize maximize close button ?
  220. F2A85-V Pro DirectKey (boot to bios); case button/Win7 shutdown option
  221. Changing the default save location of things from Documents
  222. Disable/enable Desktop BG from Command Line
  223. how to change the mainframe background, pic/color ??
  224. How to remove(disable) the preview window of taskbar ?
  225. Solved How can I disable "always use the selected program" function?
  226. Solved how to return to default layout windows explorer
  227. Solved Navigation Pane Text
  228. Icon shadows on desktop
  229. Force Small Icons folder view to sort downward in columns?
  230. Solved What to hide Notification Icons
  231. Solved SIG for 7F?
  232. Solved short 1px grey border above start button
  233. Batch File to set user's windows login pic
  234. Logon Screen was desktop background, now blue, after DisplayFuison
  235. Solved Idea for a unique kind of logon screen.
  236. Solved Is there a way to enable thumnails on JUST image files
  237. Solved how do i modify desktop background transition change time
  238. Solved A shortcut to change wallpaper+icons?
  239. Solved One Blurry Icon
  240. Solved Tagging Folders?? (Setting Permanent Icons?)
  241. Is it possible to have the folder *I* want be my 'Personal Folder'?
  242. Mac Slider
  243. Win7 Taskbar hack, Can this be done?
  244. Trying to make .BAT to start screensaver and lock screen Win 7 pro 64
  245. Maybe of some interest to some
  246. How to change bluetooth tray icon?
  247. Custom Windows 7 Log On Screens
  248. How to patch 64 bit to use theme for 32 bit
  249. Solved Simple .bat question
  250. Help customizing start menu